Saturday, October 29, 2011


Before I let you see the pictures, I want you to meet Sheila. Her owner turned her into a shelter. She's almost ten years old, but you wouldn't know it-- her eyes are clear and her tail is wagging She has that "Elvis" look where part of her mouth gets caught on her tooth. :-)

I picked her up yesterday and she's all clean and the knots are all gone, and she has a nice comfy PINK BED. :-) What could be better. We go to the vet this morning to get her shots and make sure she's healthy-- she seems to be. She's very sweet, gets along with other dogs and seems to be housetrained-- WOW, how good can it get!

And now on to the Halloween pictures. Mimi, the Pekingese, has on her Witch's hat-- One of her doggy friends was brave enough to get on the bed with her, but the other just watched from the small bed on the floor.

This little guy is all dressed up for the Halloween parade.

There were dogs of all kinds dressed up. Here are two Jack-O-Lanterns.

Some of the owners got into the "game" also and dressed like their dogs.

The dogs were really good sports about it all. I'm not sure mine would have done so well.

This one has a rider. I'm not sure he's so happy about it! "Get off, get off!"

And it's a Doxie who looks like a hot dog-- I've seen it before, but it's still so funny.

There is no way my dogs would keep a hat on! But, it sure is cute!

And finally, a Pekingese. I mean, a lobster! Is that what it is?

She sure is pretty!

And last, but definintely not least-- Miss Fiona. We just took her into rescue. She has some medical issues, but we're doing all we can for her. She's with our foster mom/vet, so she couldn't be in a better place!!

She's into Halloween with her sweater and surrounded by pumpkins. Have a safe Halloween and keep your pets safe inside.

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lady jicky said...

I adore Miss Fiona .

Moi Moi will NOT wear anything scarey!!! LOL