Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Look at this little boy. He was in a shelter near me for a month and no one adopted him. They called me to ask for help.

He was so glad to get out! They all liked him there and he got a lot of attention, but a shelter is no place to live.

We went right to the vet and I sat on the floor with him while we waited to be seen. I wanted him to know he was safe and would be taken care of.

He was so sweet there, and just kept posing for pictures. He is only 13 pounds and has big bear feet.

Then, home we went to meet the gang. They were all fascinated with Parker. He's in the middle-- can you see him?

Scooter greeted him-- you can see how small Parker is. Scooter is my 18 pounder. (He's not fat at all, just a big boy.)

And Odin, one of my fosters, just fell in love with Parker and followed him all over the yard-- and Odin isn't a fan of grass, but he was on it!

We got home and my husband met him-- he just laughed at how cute Parker was. It's obvious that Parker likes men. He crawled over Kai Kai on the couch to get to Matt. TRAITOR! I rescued him and he desserted me to get to Matt. His tail was wagging like crazy and when Matt went to the other room, Parker wanted to follow him.

Parker laid his head on Matt's chest-- and Starlight was very put upon. :-) She's Daddy's girl.

Parker will have his huge nasal folds (eye folds) reduced on Wednesday when he is neutered. Once he heals, he'll be ready for adoption. He is one sweet Peke!


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda he is so sweet and I do love his red colouring!!!!

Sending huge Adoption Vibes for Parker!!!

Toni Davis said...

He is just ADORABLE:) I see another one refusing to leave....:)

Karin said...

What a sweet face!