Sunday, May 31, 2020


 In June of 2016, we received a request to help Triple. 
 He was in rough shape, had cancer on his foot and needed his leg amputated. 
 So many helped us to have this surgery done on him, and the cancer was removed.   (Without the support we have, we couldn't save so many.)
 Even with all the treatment, he remained the sweetest boy. 
 He joined Tara's family on August 13, 2016.   What a wonderful day that was. 
They bought him a cart so he could get around better, and I remember the first video they posted.  He had to learn how to stop. :-)   His smile was contagious. 
 He met his human sister. 
 His dad, Dave, adored this boy. 
 They had such a bond. 
 His dad would stroll around the pet store with him. 
 His dad died a year ago in May.  It was a massive loss for everyone. 
 Triple and Maggie gave their mom so much comfort.   Maggie died in August of last year.  It was  a year of loss. 
 Triple was a great comfort after the loss of Dave and Maggie.
 Crosby had joined the family.   He loved his dad and mom and brother and sister.
 Triple began having so much pain.  They didn't know why-- but he couldn't continue with it.   Everything was done to try to help him, but nothing helped.  With his mom holding him, he joined his dad and his sister, Maggie.   I'm sure they welcomed him with joy.
Triple knew so much love.  He gave so much love.  He WAS love.   Run free now, sweet boy.  ❤️


 BG and Maggie went to the beach.
 They checked out the deck.  They looked out at the ocean.
 A little wind and rain didn’t bother them.
 Maggie checked out the water.
 Their moms were allowed to come, too.  That was so nice of them.
 It is good to have humans around to open doors and prepare your meals. 😀
 Walks on the beach were fun.   It was rainy some of the time.
 But, that just made naps more fun.
Maggie agreed.   There’s nothing like time at the beach. 

Saturday, May 30, 2020


Newman lives in Florida and is an older gentleman.  He got his summer cut and doesn't he look spiffy!!  I love his grin.
Yogi's mom is a groomer-- but he's a challenge.  Poor mom.   He's little but mighty.
We took in Sunny -- and this is his before picture.
But, look at him now.   He was groomed and the dirt and mats are gone.  AND he has a best friend in his foster home. 
Sophia Francesca is stunning.  Her toy matches her bows!
She gave me a view of both sides.  She is adorable.
All of us are wanting haircuts along with the dogs.  Andy/Mr. Rooney and Taz agree that shorter cuts make you feel much better.  So do wagon rides!!   If the groomers open before the hair salons, they may get some human clients.   😉😃

Friday, May 29, 2020


Blind dogs are first.... just dogs!   Chewy was adopted from us and his mom told me she would always adopt a blind dog.  
He's a happy boy. 
Sophie was my foster dogs.   She immediately stole Tricia’s heart when she met her.
There are many things you can do to help a blind dog. 
Stewart and Happy were both  adopted from us.  Happy has eyes but has no vision.  Drops are still needed to keep them moist. 
If you can love a special dog, consider a blind dog.  We often get visually compromised dogs. Some can’t see at all. Some can see some.  But, they are all special.  ❤️❤️

Thursday, May 28, 2020


I woke up and Paddington said, “let’s keep sleeping.”
 Clara absolutely agreed.
 Piper said he was fine with that idea.
 Mitsy, in her new home, was up and ready to go.
 So, I got up and carried Clara downstairs.  We made it to the porch w a cup of coffee.  Clara is still sleeping on my lap.  She doesn’t wake up fast.
Little Bit, is his foster home, got up early and is already back to sleep.  It’s drizzling and it may take me awhile to convince Clara that we need to go outside.  I’m fine just sitting on the porch, holding her, sipping coffee, and listening to the rain.  How about you?

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


 Poochie was one of the Bristol 18 group-- I've written about Colby and Brandy.   Many of the group are gone now, since the rescue was almost ten years ago.  Poochie came to my house for awhile for medical care and then went to a foster home. 
 He was the daddy of Carter and Colby, the two six week old puppies we got with the group.
 Poochie had a tender personality. 
 He was not used to kindness, but he responded to it with so much love.
 He found that getting baths was nice-- it made him feel so good. 
 He has been with his family for over nine years now. 
 He is loved and spoiled and his mom can't imagine life without him. 
 Poochie was five years old when we got him in the summer of 2010. 
 He has a human sister who adores him, too.
 He knows he is a lucky boy. 
Poochie -- loved.  💙❤️