Tuesday, May 19, 2020


 Clara has been with me since before Christmas.
 I thought she’d be here a short time.  She’s adorable.
 But then, she developed health issues and became one that needed a safe place to be for as long as she had.  We think she has a brain tumor so we are doing all we can to keep her comfortable and loved.  She is very easy to love.
 She rests a lot and I give her sub q fluids (oh I hate doing those) and special meals. That translates to whatever she will eat. 💖
 What else could I do for her?   Getting her to take in more fluids is important.  So...
 I made her chicken broth (diluted) popsicles.  
 I wasn’t sure she would even like them.  But, when you have a special dog, you’ll do whatever it takes.
 Most days she does well. She pants some, she stumbles some, she stops and stares some.
 But, she is happy, she likes to be held.
 I took out one of the popsicles last night.
 She sure surprised me!  She went to town on it. Yum yum!!
 Clara might surprise us and be around for awhile.  That’s just fine.
I just scoop her tiny 8.5 body into my arms and carry her around.   I’m so blessed to have her. 💖💖

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LadyJicky said...

Prayers for you little Clara.... you eat those icy-poles.... that is what we call them in Australia :)