Friday, May 22, 2020


Minnie came into rescue two years ago. 
Minnie went through a few places, but seemed stressed, so she came to me.   (Piper and Minnie were checking on Clara-- the mama in her.)
She just needed to decompress.   She had been neglected for awhile before we got her.  She had lost several owners.  She had a bad eye ulcer, and we tried to save her right eye, but it was too damaged, so it was removed. 
We were just giving her time to decompress. 
But, she was so stressed, and had doggy PTSD.  We don't know what she went through, but we started her on meds to help her. 
Minnie just wants to "be."   Which is fine.  She can "be" here.   She is so good with Clara. :-)
Minnie was doing better at home, but  taking her anywhere-- the vet or groomer-- made her super stressed. 
Now I am her groomer-- so don't judge me.  I'm terrible at it.  But, I do it in stages and stop when it's too much for her-- less than five minutes. 
I noticed that Minnie had something on her eye.  I had it checked, but it grew. 
It was getting worse.  So, back we went.   She had a tumor and it had to be removed.  It was on the inside and outside of the lid.
It looked painful, but now she could heal.  She was such a good girl, and so brave. 
It's okay, Minnie.
I realized I had a lot of pictures of Minnie in her beds.   That's usually where I find her.
And another....
She is doing well, two weeks after surgery. 
She's healing well and the tumor is gone.   It takes about 5-6 weeks to heal and she had some infection the first week.  She's doing better now, and it shouldn't come back.   She has even started to paw my hand to pet her when she is close to me.   She will be 15 years old in a few weeks, and she is content, she is loved.   She can't climb the porch steps anymore, but waits for me to carry her.  Her life is good.  💜 

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LadyJicky said...

Minnie you are such a beautiful snowflake Peke!
Healing vibes for that eye and you just find a nice bed and go to sleep little one.