Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Ricky-- Buddy-- came into rescue two years ago in April of 2018.   He had been in animal control for months with no one adopting him.  Jan adopted him from us in September of 2018, and she wrote to me, and put in words how special this boy was to her.  So, I am using what she wrote-- because it shows the heart of Ricky and Jan and the love they shared. 
"You don't have to put him in the blog, but I wanted you to know the details, and how much he was loved.  I miss him so much.

Lisa brought Rocky/Ricky by for a trial run on September 2, 2018. She had fostered him since April.  Prior to that, he had been in Animal Control since December 2016.  I wondered why no one had adopted him.  “He must be difficult”, I thought.
There is always an adjustment period, but this one looked like a challenge to me.  He was blind.  Bella did not like him from the get-go.  He would walk into her, and she would hold him down like a world champion wrestler, with me screaming like a lunatic coming to his rescue.  He would wag his tail, which I translated into to “thank you.”  I would pick him up and say, “It’s all right Buddy.”  That was how I came to call him Buddy.
Buddy couldn’t go out without me.  He couldn’t go up or down the outside steps without me taking him.  He would walk around, do his business, kick the grass, stand there for a moment, then bark for me to come get him.  I learned his routine. He would wag his tail, “thank you.”
You had said to give it two weeks….I didn’t think I would be able to adjust, to have Bella’s world turned upside-down, plus my own.  I have to “cater” to this blind dog that couldn’t find the water bowl.  
The 2 weeks passed….I looked for Buddy’s signals…he would bark for me when he needed to go out, or drink, or eat, or come in.  I would keep my robe handy in case he woke in the night. He would whine quietly, and if I didn’t respond in time, he would bark.   I could put him out in the fenced area and he would bark for me to get him.  I would touch his back as I leaned over, robe & all, and his tail would wag, “thank you.”    I wanted him to be mine forever.  I have never had a dog so appreciative of me.  
What a good buddy he was!  He won my heart, but not Bella’s!  As you would say, “That stinker.”   Although he was blind, and his hearing wasn’t great, he knew the sound of his food being prepared.  He would climb out of his bed and bark for me as though I had forgotten him.  Of course, I never did, and he would wag his tail as I leaned down to pick him up to take him to his food. 
Buddy was such a good eater…..until right after Thanksgiving.  He would only eat once a day instead of twice, sometimes.  Then it turned into all the time, then to not quite all of one bowl…sometimes just a few bites.
I called the vet.  Heart murmur ….I could feel it pounding.  Hmmm…what else is going on?  Minor seizure.  Blood work…not good…cancer…weight loss.  I knew I had to get him to eat, even if just a little.  I tried every trick I knew, including your hot dog in water.  He would eat a little bit, but not enough.  Baby food…..Critical Nutrient prescription food…the list goes on.  Finally, he stopped eating.  I cried, and tried to force him.  I continued to take him out.  He would try to kick the grass and wag his tail.  I knew he wasn’t ready. He was getting so thin. 
Called the vet back in.  His weight was still going down.  His spine was showing signs of the cancer.  My heart was breaking.  I spent 4 days agonizing because I could not get him to take anything but water.   
And then, he stopped kicking the grass, and his tail stopped wagging.  Called the vet back in, knowing what she would say.  It was time.   This little blind & mostly deaf little dog was telling me it was time to let him go.  This little Buddy that was so incredibly appreciative of all I did for him.  My little Buddy that gave me far more than I gave him was telling me he was done.  
Oh, I miss him so much.  I had no idea how much I would learn from him.  He was always patient and kind and gentle. The little dog I thought would be difficult taught me some of the most priceless lessons of life.  He was blind, deaf, had to be taken to eat, drink, poop, go to sleep, but he was always appreciative.  I thank God, for putting Buddy in my life. 
He promised to wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge.  He took a piece of my heart.  He will forever be My Buddy."
Jan wrote a better, more loving farewell that I could ever do.  Thank you for loving him.  Run free now, sweet little man.  💙💛


Unknown said...

Story was so touching to my heart, I cried while
finishing the story. Pekingese are my favorite breeds of dogs. My heart goes out to you in your grief and pain

LadyJicky said...

Oh Jan .... what a great little man Buddy was!!
I have tears in my eyes reading about just how much Buddy was important in your life and you were so important in his life too.

I love that photo of Buddy by the Christmas tree.... I would frame that ... you can just see how comfortable and "at home" he was with you and his furever home.
I do not know why no one adopted him at the shelter but I feel he was waiting for you Jan.

Huge hugs to you from the Aussies... Melinda and Yum Yum XXX