Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Dickson came into rescue in late 2019.   
 He had been neglected, and had infections in his ears and skin. 
He loves his foster mom, and would enjoy being an only dog.   He is okay, but would rather not share.
His eyes are doing great, but he will need to stay on eye drops-- like many Pekes need for their eyes. 
Dickson isn't a "purse Peke" at 20 pounds, but he's full of love.  He would snuggle into your hand for a face rub.
He enjoys walks, and his skin issues are so much better.    He doesn't hear that well, but that's normal for older Pekes.  He still sees and gets around great.   If you are interested in adopting him, just go to https://www.potomacpekes.org/onlineapplicationadopt.htm  I'm sure our adoptions will be opening up again soon. 


LadyJicky said...

Oh what a big beautiful Peke!! No ... not a purse Peke - more like a Backpack Peke! LOL

I would just love to squeeze that big nose!

Dickson... I am doing my Adoption Dance for you right now... its rather cold here so its a nice warm dance too!!!

RobinGail said...

What a precious face. I just know there is someone out there for you, Dickson! 💙🐾