Thursday, May 7, 2020


 Ming and his new bestie, Murphy. They are so cute together.
 Mings best, long time friend, Fushi, died suddenly in February.  His heart and his moms heart were broken.
 Of all the dogs I’ve wanted to meet, Fushi was at the top.  I wanted to meet her at the picnic.  Life changed.
 Ming was lonely and he needed a friend.   We had so few Pekes in our rescue, but there was a little boy in another rescue who needed a buddy and a home.
 Murphy joined the family.   We can’t always understand why some things happen but we can still have hope. And for Ming, hope was a little Peke named Murphy. ❤️
 Ming has a walking buddy again and I know Fushi would be happy for her friend.
 Ming and Murphy hang out together, walk together, rest together.
 It was a perfect fit.
Life can bring challenges and then joy shows up.  Ming knows this is true. ❤️💙

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LadyJicky said...

You know ... I bet little Fushi sent Murphy to Ming.

I am so happy for Ming and for Murphy ... they are great mates!