Saturday, May 9, 2020


 Jules came into rescue in late 2011. 
 Jules and her sister, Pearl, were four years old at the time. 
 They were the best of friends, and they were adopted together to a wonderful home.  Jules was not a cuddle bug and would tolerate Pearl snuggles for a short time.      She preferred to sleep in her own bed, but occasionally she would sleep in her mom and dad's bed.  
 Her mom said, "My Jules was a little girl with a big personality."  She was definitely the alpha of the two sisters.
 They were together all the time, either in separate beds,
  or curled up together.
 She was such a happy girl. 

I found some older pictures of the girls. 
Jules could be a digger.  She would find places under our deck and dig under the rocks and come in with little muddy feet.   
They were fostered by Paige and Dani-- 
She was scared to death of thunderstorms.  Storms would cause her to  jump up on furniture and frantically dig. 
Her mom told me, "She had a deep “voice” and looked like a toy dog when she barked her head would be tilted back and her front paws would sort of rock up.   Just like a toy.   She was a bit of a flirt with some of the male dogs in the neighborhood loved a male corgi named Tom."   Her mom will miss that.  
 She loved to be on the air conditioning vent in the summer.
 Pearl is grieving for her sister-- they all do, but she is getting a lot of attention from her mom and dad.  Extra walks, extra snuggles. 
 Pearl liked to use Jules for a pillow.  She will miss that.
 Jules had such a pretty face.   💜 
  Jules had the sweetest face.  Her family will miss her so much.  She had stopped eating, and the vet found a mass in her stomach.  Nothing could be done. 
Pearl will look for her, I'm sure.   It's so hard to lose a best friend.   💜❤️
Run free now, sweet Jules.  

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LadyJicky said...

Jules was a beauty and she reminds me of my Peke Moi Moi .... we had two girls and Moi would not sleep next to Coco .... just like Jules she was her own Peke ... plus she was the alpha of the two.
When a strong personality dog leaves us they are really missed for they rule the house! lol

Big hugs to all of Jules family and a special one for Pearl.