Monday, July 31, 2017


 Charlie and JJ came into rescue three years ago.   They were turned into a shelter when their owners were moving.    They said the landlord would not let them bring them to the new home.
 JJ had some leg issues, but seemed to get around fine.  
 He was 12 years old when he came into rescue, which would make him over 15 now.  
 He was a little timid of strangers but settled into his foster home.
 Charlie was a big fluffy boy.
 Look at his smile!
 I don't know why he and his brother were not adopted.  Charlie was ten when we got him, so he was a senior-- but they had years left to live.
 JJ and Charlie are forever fosters.   They are now 13 and 15, and doing well.  They are just older-- they don't see and hear well, but they enjoy their life.

They are both so cute-- and they are safe and loved in their foster home.   I can never figure out why some are adopted and some are not.   But, whether they are adopted or not, we commit to them for the time they are with us.  Thanks to Martha for giving them a home to live out their lives.

Sunday, July 30, 2017


 Lola came to our rescue in March 2010 with a group from Arkansas-- a puppy mill bust.  We gave them names to give them a positive outlook-- like Hope and Joy and Noble.   Hope became Lola and was cherished in her home with Jeff.   I think this was when I met Jeff (via emails and on line) and saw what an incredible owner he was.  
 He has adopted quite a few.  Ginger was one of them-- she died last year.
 Scarlett was another one of his beloved girls.  She was Jeff's first rescue girl and she passed away in 2013.
When Jeff adopted Lola, he said he didn't know who rescued who-- Lola has so much hope for the future in her eyes when she met Jeff.  And what a future she had in store for her.
 Lola was best friends with Mimi,
Lola passed away this morning in her daddy's arms.  She had a lot of heart issues and it just became too much for her.  She had a life of being loved and cherished for over six years.  Now, she can run free with Ginger and Scarlett and the others who have gone before her.   My deepest sympathy to Jeff and Jimmy on the loss of your girl.  She was so loved!


 I posted about Barbara's dogs before, but left out Charlie.  Charlie is a beautiful senior girl.
 Charlie puts up with the antics of Kasey and....
 But, she has another female in the house, now that Rosie is there.  Rosie is a senior and just loves that she has this sweet home to live in.
Charlie and her friends say HAPPY SUNDAY!

Saturday, July 29, 2017


 Connor came to us through a foster home in Virginia-- she had taken in this sweet then 7 year old and the rescue group who authorized it failed to follow up with finding him a home.
 Connor had not had a lot of love, but he was absorbing all the care he was getting in his foster home.   He was safe!
 His foster mom asked if we could take him into our group and find him a home-- of course we could.
 Connor now lives in the western part of Virginia and has all the love he can get.  He is almost 12 now-- that's hard to believe.  He still looks like a puppy.
 He reminds me of Starlight-- but I think Connor is probably nicer haha.
You are a beautiful boy, Connor!!

Friday, July 28, 2017


 I've doing blogs on our senior forever fosters.  Norton is one of them.
 He has little vision or hearing left.
 Norton originally came into rescue in 2013.   We were told he was 11 years old then, but we were not sure.
 He came back into rescue and has become a forever foster.  He is precious and living a life that is safe and secure-- and love is always present.
I love this picture of him with his foster mom, Kim-- to me, it shows the very heart of rescue.  He is a lucky boy!

Thursday, July 27, 2017


 I can't believe it's been almost 2 years since Madeline Grace came into rescue!
 She became the sister of Mickey, who was also adopted from us.
 They are best buddies and are so cherished by their mom and dad!
 Madeline does not like having her eye drops-- it's a "two man" job haha.   If Madeline hears the words "eye drops," she takes off and hides under the bed.  If she only realized it would be so fast and over with!  
 Mickey is still timid, but not in the family-- just with strangers.    He is such a beauty!
 He is ready for treats and a meal-- but Madeline insists on being hand fed.  What a little princess haha.
They have a cat sibling, too.  Keekers is just fine with them unless Madeline gets too playful.  She is still an active, loving and adorable girl!!   What a great family this is. :-)  

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


 Shelby has a history with us.  We got her years ago when someone found her.    Then, we found her owner and returned her.  Unfortunately, her owner did not take care of her, and several years later, asked us to take her back.
 She was in worse shape than before, but look at her now.
 She was with Jeanne, but has been living with her vet and friend, Rich and Charee.   She has buddies now who are not Pekes.  :-)
 Shelby loves to watch football and cheer on her team.
 Sometimes, she just rolls over for a nap.
 Naps are fun!!
 Nicky will snuggle up with her.
 And Daddy tummy rubs are wonderful!
 Tinsley is a beauty, too!  She is a King Charles Cavalier.
 Shelby learned to climb steps-- wow, that chair looks big!  Or is she just really tiny?
 Peek-a-boo!  I see you, Shelby.   Her Mom calls her Sparky-- lol.
She has a wonderful life, and loves sharing popcorn with his siblings.   I think you have found a great place to be!