Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Mr. Winnie came into rescue over the week-end.
 He had been abandoned by his owner, and left in the yard.
 A neighbor rescued him, and took him to the vet.  
 She had vaccines done and he was checked for heartworms.
 After he tested positive for heartworms, she had treatment done for him.  AMAZING!  What a great person!
 I met him yesterday.  I had a double appointment and Mr. Winnie met Lola!
 She's cute, he seemed to say.
 So are you, Mr. Winnie!!
 Both Lola and Mr. Winnie were fully checked out.  
 Mattie was there, too.
 And all three met and enjoyed some time together at the vet.
 Lola, you already met Mattie!  You know, she's the one you try to play with haha.
Mr. Winnie will need a hernia repair, and he had some tests done.  He will need eye drops.  But, he is so sweet!!  He is 22 pounds, and needs to lose a little weight.  The heartworm treatment he went through can add on a few pounds, but he can lose that.   Once he has surgery, he will be ready for adoption.   He is 3 1/2 years old we were told and so loving.  It won't take long to find him a home!


LadyJicky said...

Oh boy ...... I want Mr Winnie!!!! Oooooo yes I Do!! :)

What a cutie and a "nearly midnight black peke" too... oh Linda ..... get him a passport and a flight ticket - First Class to Australia!!!

Why would you just leave him in the yard when you move??? Horrible people !!!

LadyJicky said...

Oh I am so sorry Linda ......

in my super excitement about Mr Winnie and how beautiful he is I MUST MENTION THE LOVELY NEIGHBOR THAT RESCUED HIM...... SHE IS A PEKE ANGEL !!!!

Lost Earring said...

Welcome Mr. Winnie, you don't know it yet but you hit the jackpot for a rescue that is so dedicated to Pekingese and other fur babies.