Monday, July 31, 2017


 Charlie and JJ came into rescue three years ago.   They were turned into a shelter when their owners were moving.    They said the landlord would not let them bring them to the new home.
 JJ had some leg issues, but seemed to get around fine.  
 He was 12 years old when he came into rescue, which would make him over 15 now.  
 He was a little timid of strangers but settled into his foster home.
 Charlie was a big fluffy boy.
 Look at his smile!
 I don't know why he and his brother were not adopted.  Charlie was ten when we got him, so he was a senior-- but they had years left to live.
 JJ and Charlie are forever fosters.   They are now 13 and 15, and doing well.  They are just older-- they don't see and hear well, but they enjoy their life.

They are both so cute-- and they are safe and loved in their foster home.   I can never figure out why some are adopted and some are not.   But, whether they are adopted or not, we commit to them for the time they are with us.  Thanks to Martha for giving them a home to live out their lives.


LadyJicky said...

Seniors Rock!!! LOL

Lost Earring said...

Lovely Monday morning story. They are adorable and bless their fosters for seeing their worth instead of throwing them away like some people seem to do. No landlord would rule my life and my love of Pekingese, or any other 4 footed Fur Baby.

Unknown said...

You people are precious 😁