Sunday, July 2, 2017


 Benjamin and Kai Kai are both beautiful red Pekes.   They are also about the same size and both are vision impaired.  Benjamin has a little bit of sight and gets around great!    They are both very loving boys.  Kai Kai was a foster who stayed-- he's been here over 6 years and is my heart dog.
 They can often -- OFTEN!-- be found together, usually on the kitchen floor where I need to be.
 Benjamin is so much like my special boy, Scooterbug, who died in November of 2014.  Scooterbug was my therapy boy, who helped with every foster dog that came to our home.
  I see that Benjamin has the same sweet temperament-- loving, giving, just plain sweet.  The other night, as I carried Kai Kai upstairs, I thought he felt different.  I put him down, and whoops, it was Benjamin!!  lol  
 Even when I bathe him, he is so gentle.  He rested his head on my chest as I blew him dry.
 Even though they cannot see, they seem to enjoy laying near each other.  
 Benjamin is going to be adopted with Mattie and I know it will be a great home for them both-- but oh, will I miss them.  I will ask for visiting rights haha.
Even though Benjamin is "handicapped"-- his huge heart makes up for it.   I love this boy!

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LadyJicky said...

Sending kisses from their favourite ( well, we hope so ! LOL ) Red haired girlfriend Coco in Oz.