Saturday, July 15, 2017


 Louie came into rescue in July 2011-- can it be six years ago already?
 He was under a year old and had been in a serious accident.  He came to us for help.   We had to remove his eyes-- there was so saving them.
 He has a best friend named Saffron--Saffy.
 Frosty the snow cat is also a good friend.
 Louie has the most wonderful life and his owners adore him!!  
Louie is another blind dog who lives life to the fullest!  He has never let it get in his way.  We love you, Louie!


LadyJicky said...

Love you Louie too.... oh boy - he has lots of loving friends to help him too. So sweet.

Teresa Jura said...

You people are the best❤

Lost Earring said...

Hearing and reading about these wonderful Pekingese rescued by Potomac gives me a lift because while all around the world there is strife, there is love, concern and miracles being performed by Potomac Valley and other rescue groups with people who truly love and value the Pekingese breed and at times many more breeds.

Thank you Linda Maxwell and all of your rescue members who follow your creed and love.

Thank you especially the Louie story today.

Paige said...

Love that Louie.