Friday, July 7, 2017


 If you have a Peke, you know they can distribute a lot of hair.  Granger can!   It seems that the white ones in my house lose more hair than the others.  Maybe I can just see it more.
 Maddy is an only Peke, so keeping his house clean is probably not hard.
 But, Tyler (a PVPC alumni who now lives in California) has a lot of siblings and foster siblings.  His mom and dad now do rescue out there.   We occasionally compare numbers and she always has me beat.  That's okay!!
 I wanted to share some about keeping up with a house of Pekes!    One thing I do every week is use this yardstick.  What for you ask?  To get dog hair from under appliances.  The refrigerator is the worst!  It has a motor and fan in the back, and seems to draw in a lot of hair.   I'm amazed how much I get every time I slide the yardstick under the refrigerator!  (I also use it under the washer and dryer.) We have to also pull the refrigerator out from the wall, take the back off, and unplug it.  Then, we clean out everything that has caught in the fan/motor area.  You would be astounded how much can get back there.   If you notice the edges by the door of your refrigerator are warm to hot, it's probably because the motor is trying to work too hard from being clogged with hair.  
 I have a carpet cleaner, too.  I think this is my fourth one.  I only have carpets upstairs, and with multiple dogs, I use it often.   Even if I vacumn a lot, this thing still picks up a LOT of hair and dirt.  
 When the dirty water needs to be drained, I make sure it does not just go down the toilet.  Nope!  There is a lot of hair in the water, so it goes into the tub, and is strained by this.  GOSH, it catches a lot!   But, I don't want all that going into my pipes.   I would have a high plumbing bill.  
 If your dogs have summer cuts, you will have less hair, but some just don't look right with all their hair cut off.   So, if you have more than one dog, you know you will clean a lot, vacumn a lot, dust a lot.   Oh, and don't forget those air filters-- I clean mine weekly.  I have permanent filters that I can wash.  If your air filters get clogged, your a.c. will have to work harder to cool (or heat) your house.  
Having Pekes, with all their hair, can be some work.  But, they are worth it!   Little Sophie totally agrees with me. :-)

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LadyJicky said...

Yes they do have a lot of hair but .... I think pug hair is the worst.... it sticks inside material and so hard to get out . So.... sometimes long haired dogs can be ok and those short haired dogs like pugs are a surprise! LOL