Friday, July 31, 2009


We just returned from vacation. We went to Missouri to see my husband's family. We had a GREAT time!!!

But, we had to leave the dogs home-- with an incredible house/pet sitter. Max and Maggie weren't too thrilled. They missed us!
Scooter is a mama's boy-- he was not happy to be left.
And Cranberry didn't like it much either.
We did take Starlight to my daughter's home-- the FARM-- to stay with her. You'll see more on that tomorrow.
We spent most of the time at Matt's parents' home-- and they had a new Dachshund puppy there. Max is three months old-- so I did have a dog to play with!
One day we went to their condo on Lake of the Ozarks-- it's gorgeous there! This is the view.
And my husband has a GREAT time on the Sea-doo with our nephew. Two kids on one Sea-doo!!
Max, the puppy, liked to hide out in the closet when he was played out.
And his sister's dog, Miracle, was there, too. Miracle was saved as a puppy from a ditch. He was in horrible condition, with a low chance of survival. He has mange and multiple health issues. Now he is a healthy, 100 pounder!

We did have to come home though-- I couldn't help but see the Pet Walk signs at the rest areas on the way home.
I didn't have a pet to walk!
When we got to West Virginia, we were over half way home.
The views are stunning! It was drizzling, and misty, and fog laid over the mountains. It was beautiful.
I kept opening the window to take pictures-- I couldn't help it!
And then we crossed the Virginia line.
And I took more pictures-- I love the mountains! And when it's foggy, there is a quiet beauty there.
Then, we arrived at the Farm. When Starlight saw us, she was beyond excited! And she got into the van before we were ready to leave.
And she would not get out!
She was ready to go home! We had a great vacation, but we were glad to be going home, too.
Have you had a vacation this summer? (I know it's winter in Australia, Melinda!)

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Meet Bella and Buddy-- they are a bonded pair of Pekes who need a home together. If you are interested in finding out more about them, email me at They are with another rescue friend, but I can put you in touch with her.
Beautiful dogs!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is Moi Moi, an Austrailian Pekingese-- No, that's not another type of Pekingese-- she just LIVES in Australia. (I received an email from a friend who saw a Peke mix on a walk. She asked if it was a Peke mix-- and the owner said, "NO, THIS IS A NORTHERN PEKE!!! THEY ARE VERY RARE." I think the breeder must have seen her coming-- there are Pekingese, plain Pekingese. Not Australian Pekes, or Northern Pekes...... But, it gave me a laugh!)
Moi Moi means Little siter or little girl in Cantonese. She was adopted from a breeder in Australia who no longer wanted to use her. It was her ticket out!
And she has her little bed and a chance to be loved. Is this precious!
Kenzo is wondering who this is! He wants to check her out all the time. So, their parents put a leash on Kenzo and if Moi Moi needs time alone, Kenzo is leashed to something-- a door, a piece or furniture-- to give Moi Moi a break. She needs time to adjust to her new home.
They had to give her a bath even though she was just spayed-- they call it de-sexing in Australia. Moi Moi smelled so badly that they had to clean her up. She enjoyed the bath-- it felt so good to be clean
And here is my friend, Melinda with Kenzo-- hanging out on the left-- and Moi Moi.
I'm so glad Moi Moi has a real home now. Give her a hug for me Melinda!


Some people have asked how Chance is doing? So, I'm going to update you.
Chance or Chancey is doing just fine in his new home!! He has lots of places to rest and just hang out. He has a big yard to roam around in.
And when he gets his eye meds, he gets up on this little shelf (well, his owner puts him there) and he patiently gets all his medicine.

He's still such a wonderful, loving boy. Chance is home!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sugar Annie Again

Here is Sugar Annie-- with her mom's "granddog" Amos. He comes to visit from SC.
Sugar Annie isn't known to want to share her house with other dogs. But, for some reason, she lets Amos visit. I'm sure he knows she is the BOSS. She does NOT want to share her food or toys. She was meant to be an only dog. Her owners are so great, I'd love to give them another Peke, but alas, Sugar won't stand for it.
They en;joy looking out the door together.
Sugar is a character!
She is definitely in style. Her own style!
And then it's time for a rest. This quilt is a nice place to be.
Yes, I can be really comfortable here.
Or I'll pretend I'm at the beach and sunning myself.
Life is not hard for Sugar Annie. She said she was not spoiled at all. Really? Can I come and not be spoiled at your house, Sugar. Oh, wait, you don't want to share. That's okay.
Till next time!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Joshua and Benny, and Cocoa/Jimmy--Look Alikes!

I sometimes get dogs into rescue, who are not related, and who look like they could be!!!
These two are Joshua-- he was my foster dog last summer. Look at this face, study his features. Then, look at the next two dogs!
And here is Benny!
Other than missing one eye, he looks like he could be Joshua's little brother! Joshua is over 20 pounds, and Benny is only 12 pounds-- but he is so cute and sweet. Just like Joshie!
And here is Coccoa, aka Jimmy.
Jimmy is now Joshua's brother. Look at these faces-- they are all so adorable!
They could be triplets!! But, someone, I don't think Joshua and Jimmy's parents are going to have three-- two arms, two leash, two dogs-- that's a good number. :-) (And easier to walk than the five I have here!!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Here's Teddy again. His owners replaced their laundry room cabinets with Teddy's assistance. He was a wonderful crew chief, giving clear directions to his peke crew. He checked every inch of the work to see if it met with his satisfaction. It must have "passed" his test as his owners kept finding him curled up in one of the bottom cabinets each time it was opened. He's just too cute and has a way of making the dreaded household chores much more fun.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Here's Gracie again. What a beauty!! Gracie is an only dog and she demonstrates this whenever another dog comes in the house. She is happy to have them in the yard and will walk and play with visitors but not in her house. Her mom says she is like an old maid who doesn't want her routine changed.
She has special sleeping/resting areas all over the house! She can just as easily lay on the couch or the plush pink chair in the living room. Gracie is definitely a PEKINGESE. She doesn't want her toys moved from where she has them even if it is in the MIDDLE of the kitchen floor.
Curled up on the sheets that were previously folded is fine, too. It took a lot of effort to get them unfolded and spread out just like she wants.
Look at that face. She looks a lot like Starlight and we're going to have a joint photo session soon with both of them.

Gracie loves to see all the dogs on the blog-- but she just doesn't want any of them to come live with her. :-)