Friday, July 24, 2009

Starlight and my sister

Starlight is sitting with my sister. Nancy lives next door to me-- which I love!-- so Starlight has been able to get to know her and trust her. It only took about SEVEN MONTHS for Starlight to even let her touch her.
But, now, she is content to sit with Nancy.
And be cute and snuggly. Like she should be all the time!
She seems very comfortable with Nancy. I wish she could trust other people, too, but part of her just won't let that happen.
Yes, Starlight, I'm taking your picture again!
Starlight will be staying at "the farm" with my daughter while I'm gone. It gives her a break from Max who keeps squeaking his ball at her and making her jump up and down-- so funny to watch!!!


Jeanne said...

That is so nice your sister lives next door. I lived next door to my twin sister for a number of years tooo.....I loved it.....

lady jicky said...

"Oh Starlight honey, can I come too ?? I am tired of Kenzo jumping on me and trying to make me play all the time. We could be girlfriends together on the farm!!"
Moi Moi