Monday, July 6, 2009


I received an email last week from the local shelter. They had a Pekingese there-- a tiny one. She needed help-- could our group take her in?
I went over to see her. I thought she was about 8-9 years old. The shelter did what they could, but medical care is not available there.
I got her and we went straight to the vet. My appointment was three hours later, but I knew I didn't want to wait. My vet (Acredale Animal Hospital, Virginia Beach, VA) is so wonderful-- when I have a critical Peke, they take me right in. This little girl needed help.
They kept her, shaved her huge tennis ball size knots off and gave her a bath-- she loved the bath. It must have felt so good on her dirty body. She loved the attention. I named her Georgie Girl.
After all the knots and hair were removed (we had no choice!), I could see how very thin she was. Even her tail had to be shaved. I could see she was older than I thought-- but I wouldn't have left her.
They even left a little un-knotty hair on her head and put a bow in it. She loves for me to hand feed her treats. Our club president, Gloria, is going to let her live in her home and get great medical care. She may have a few months or years to live. We don't know. But, we know she's safe now. We know she'll be loved now. And that's what we do!

There's Always Room For One More
I see by her coat she must be a stray,
The untidy look gives her away.
She's lost her will and is so thin
Hasn't eaten, since God knows when.
I know as I coax her through the door,
There's always room for one more.

Author Unknown


lady jicky said...

I am sending huge healthy vibes for her Linda.
So sweet and I love that Vet that put a bow in her hair - a girl needs to look good.

Linda said...

I received this comment also:
Poor little girl!!! I do hope that the Vet can make her feel better. Thanks to Gloria for being so kind and loving to take her in. And thank you for getting her out of that shelter and giving her the opportunity to have a better life in her golden years.

Tammy said...

Poor little dear, I can only imagine how she must have appreciated feeling her skin again after getting rid of all of those nasty mats.
Stewie has an older brother, Zack, who joined our family more than 2 years ago at 13 years old. He is fully blind and I was told he had cancer that was in remission when I adopted him. He is now 15 and other than having to work to keep weight on him, you really would not know his age or disability. I basically adopted him to give him a good end to his days, not expecting him to live long. I thought of it more like hospice. Zack is going strong and I fully expect him to keep right on going, so you never know. Hopefully little Georgie will rally and enjoy the good life for a good long time.
Thanks for saving her.
Tammy & Stewie

Karin said...

What a sweet little girl. Thank you and Gloria for giving her a second chance.