Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Benny and Smoke

I picked up two new dogs yesterday. So, Georgie Girl (see previous blog), Benny and Smoke and I all drove to meet Gloria in Ashland. I picked up Benny and Smoke on the way from a shelter near me.
This is Benny. His name was Skinny-- but I changed it. I just couldn't call a gorgeous Pekingese Skinny!!! Of course, to be safe, and to keep dogs away from the gas and brake pedals, they were all in crates. With water bowls in each crate, and music playing. :-)
This is Smoke. He is beautiful-- a little timid, but he'll be fine. He weighs 16 pounds.
Here are Smoke (left) and Benny, side by side. Benny weighs 13.5 pounds.
Gloria took Smoke and Georgie Girl. We had to separate the two boys because we didn't have any place to put them together-- and we are having trouble having "pairs" adopted, so we split them right away. I hate that, and so does Gloria, but we have no choice. Benny is doing just fine without his brother-- he already found the desk to peek out from under. I was working at the computer, and Matt took the picture.
Benny is missing his right eye, but it doesn't get in his way. He is very sweet, seems to be housetrained! WOW. He looks like Joshua and Cocoa-- two former foster dogs. And seems just as sweet as Joshua, (Joshua and Cocoa, now Jimmy, are brothers now.)
Benny is wondering who is going to adopt him! If you are interested, email me at haveninhim@aol.com.


Molly and Jeremy said...

I love how he just laid his head on your lap last night and fell asleep. Too cute!

lady jicky said...

I couldn't call a dog Skinny either.