Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where Do Dogs Sleep

Where do your dogs sleep? At my house, we have a variety of beds and open crates they can choose from. And sometimes, they choose the crate. It's like a little hidey-hold for them. Maggie is totally content to be in there.
She also likes to sleep behind the bathroom door!
Or on my bed!
And Miss Cranberry-- also known as Cranny, Cranky-Berry-- sometimes sleeps UNDER the bed.
Max prefers UNDER the dresser.

But, Scooter found the laundry basket that was empty and ready to go downstairs. He is already half asleep! It's like another hidey-hole, and Pekes do seem to like those little enclosed spaces.

Scooter also likes the dog pillow under the inversion table. (I keep thinking that inversion table will make me taller!)
Starlight likes the big fluffy pillow-- and lots of toys!
Where do YOUR dogs sleep?


Karin said...

Your pekes sure have chosen some unusual spots for napping:) Ozzie insists on sleeping on someone's lap, usually my husband's. Sisqo has arthritis in his hind legs, so he has discovered that sleeping on his back helps take the pressure off his legs. He's usually sprawled out on the floor or on a pile of whatever happens to be untidy on the floor, like bags, shoes or clothing. He also has a habit of pulling blankets off the sofa or chair to cushion the floor because he's unable to jump on the furniture. Mocha has recently taken over Sisqo's dogbed and won't give it up for anything. At night all three of them sleep in the full-size bed with us.
Oh, how do you like your inversion table? Do you use it for back trouble, or just for stretching? I've heard both good and not-so-good things about them. I'm terrified I'd get stuck upside-down:)

lady jicky said...

Well today Kenzo is obsessed with poor Moi Moi and won't leave her alone . He is trying to assert dominance on her all the time and humps or bites her ears or neck. So - I think we will make a little fence in the bathroom and let Moi sleep in there with the door open so she can see and hear us but get some rest from you know who. Otherwise they will sleep in a puffy bed next to eachother but I think she needs a rest like your crate!

Anonymous said...

Lu loves the fluffy thick bath mat we placed for her in our bedroom UNDER the settee of all places :)
It's funny to see her wake up in the morning and see her crawl from under her hidey hole!

wendeeB said...

Jagr sleeps in her "house", a zippered kids play tent! she loves it. Your Scooter is BEAUTIFUL!