Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is Moi Moi, an Austrailian Pekingese-- No, that's not another type of Pekingese-- she just LIVES in Australia. (I received an email from a friend who saw a Peke mix on a walk. She asked if it was a Peke mix-- and the owner said, "NO, THIS IS A NORTHERN PEKE!!! THEY ARE VERY RARE." I think the breeder must have seen her coming-- there are Pekingese, plain Pekingese. Not Australian Pekes, or Northern Pekes...... But, it gave me a laugh!)
Moi Moi means Little siter or little girl in Cantonese. She was adopted from a breeder in Australia who no longer wanted to use her. It was her ticket out!
And she has her little bed and a chance to be loved. Is this precious!
Kenzo is wondering who this is! He wants to check her out all the time. So, their parents put a leash on Kenzo and if Moi Moi needs time alone, Kenzo is leashed to something-- a door, a piece or furniture-- to give Moi Moi a break. She needs time to adjust to her new home.
They had to give her a bath even though she was just spayed-- they call it de-sexing in Australia. Moi Moi smelled so badly that they had to clean her up. She enjoyed the bath-- it felt so good to be clean
And here is my friend, Melinda with Kenzo-- hanging out on the left-- and Moi Moi.
I'm so glad Moi Moi has a real home now. Give her a hug for me Melinda!


lady jicky said...

Hi Linda!!
Well Missy Moi is settling in and today she really gave Kenzo "what for"! After that - they played!! LOL
He will still bother her and I have to put him on the lead but.. its less and less and you know - he does love the company.
We got Moi a body lead on the weekend and she sort of liked her walk. I really don't think she has ever went on one. Very scared but she did like it at the same time.
Its early days but they will share a bed now and then and still have a spat too.

Linda said...

We call those "harnesses" here. I love to hear how you use different words for things. :-)


lady jicky said...

We call them harnesses here too. I could not remember the name!
I think I am getting OLD. LOL

Did you have a nice break?