Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Here's Max-- he's out in the yard. On the Pekingese Pathway. He loves to pose for pictures.
So does Scooter-- he's at the end of the Pekingese Pathway in the bushes. Near the fence-- where he barks at my sister's dog, Chloe. That's right-- I live right next door to my sister!! How cool is THAT!
But, if Max or Scooter or the rest think they hear a squirrel, they MUST go search for it. If I SAY the word squirrel, they must go search for it!
Scooter is looking up in the trees. He knows the squirrel is up there.
Maggie is looking, too. She gets involved, just because the others are doing it. She's too much of a lady to do it for long though.
WOW, it must be WAY up there!
Let me get a better vantage point-- the Pekingese lounger (you thought it was my lounger, right? Wrong.) is a great place to get a little higher.
He'll go right up to the tree to look-- he knows there is a nest up there. It's empty, but a squirrel might try to hide there!
And then it's time to go back to the deck and listen for the next squirrel siting! It's a busy life.


lady jicky said...

Hey guys , its Kenzo here and I just want to say that you can come "down under" any time and go Possum "looking up" at my home too! Mmm - now , I do not know if squirrel poo is delish but - possum poo is like a tasty Godiva Chocolate!
My place or yours , its a deal mates!
See Ya,

Karin said...

I would love to live nextdoor to my sister! She lives in Germany:(
I love your pekes' long flowy coat ~ mine won't let me near them with a brush, so I have no choice but to get them shaved.
My poms aren't too interested in squirrels, but if I say "Get the cat!" they sure come running:)
Lady Jicky, I'm glad I'm not the only one with "poop-eaters":) Mine love neighborhood cat-poo, much to my dismay...