Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sugar Annie Again

Here is Sugar Annie-- with her mom's "granddog" Amos. He comes to visit from SC.
Sugar Annie isn't known to want to share her house with other dogs. But, for some reason, she lets Amos visit. I'm sure he knows she is the BOSS. She does NOT want to share her food or toys. She was meant to be an only dog. Her owners are so great, I'd love to give them another Peke, but alas, Sugar won't stand for it.
They en;joy looking out the door together.
Sugar is a character!
She is definitely in style. Her own style!
And then it's time for a rest. This quilt is a nice place to be.
Yes, I can be really comfortable here.
Or I'll pretend I'm at the beach and sunning myself.
Life is not hard for Sugar Annie. She said she was not spoiled at all. Really? Can I come and not be spoiled at your house, Sugar. Oh, wait, you don't want to share. That's okay.
Till next time!


Pekiegirl said...

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw those shades! They are so cool! I tried some Doggles (goggles/sunglasses for dogs) on Shami, and he hated them. Sugar Annie tolerates them well and looks cute doing it!

lady jicky said...

Oh Kenzo would just love Sugar Annie but....... there is Always a "but" ...... Kenzo is not "big" on the sharing either!
Moi Moi says - "Sugar honey, you can have him!" LOL
He will be on the next flight over if Moi's credit card would only give her enough credit for the ticket!

Jeanne said...

She is way to cute...I loved the photo with the glasses on. It made me laugh out loud.....:)

Karin said...

Those are the most adorable pictures! Yep, she's the boss alright ;-)