Thursday, July 9, 2009

Benny, One Relaxed Boy

I just received this picture from Benny's foster mom-- she took him to work with her! He is a little timid of her co-workers, but is doing well. He loves to go for walks! Benny is a sweetheart. He was here overnight, and then went to his foster mom's home. He was already attached to me! But, it shows how fast he will come to love a new family.
When we were at the vet, he was very content to sit with me and observe all the dogs coming in. He was very friendly-- and curious. He's only 2 1/2, so still has many happy years in front of him.

In the exam room, he was VERY relaxed. He was on the exam table and this is what he did.

You can see that I have ahold of him as I take his picture. I didn't want him to roll right off the table. He just laid there-- even during his exam, he was perfect.

Can you get anymore relaxed than this? :-)

Benny will be neutered next week, and then will be ready for his new home.


lady jicky said...

I have never had a dog that "cool" at the Vets! LOL

Jeanne said...

What a sweety pie. He looks just like our DiDi who we adopted from Linda. They could be twins down to each are missing the same eye...He is way to cute.....

Karin said...

He must be a very trusting little guy.