Friday, July 3, 2009

Chico and Steven-- Best Friends!

I received an email about a Peke named Chico who needed a home. A woman had saved him from a neglectful situation, but was unable to keep him permanently. She took care of him-- and got him all the vet care he needed.
He was out of our area and I was trying to find a foster home in another group for him. Around the same time, I received an email from someone who wanted a Peke. She also had a Pit Bull-- I know, I know. That scares a lot of us. But, this Pit was a sweetheart named Steven and he was really good around small dogs.
So, what did I do??? I put the two peoople together to see if this could be a match. Sometimes, in rescue, we can't take in a dog for lack of foster homes (boy, do we need foster homes!). But, we can try other ways to help the dogs who need help.
Steven and Chico play together. They look out the window together.
They squint their eyes and smile together.
They watch TV together.
Look at this happy face! He's saying, "THANK YOU FOR FINDING ME A FRIEND."
To say the least, this is a match made in heaven. Chico and Steven adore each other and are best friends now. I love being part of rescue-- finding these little love stories is what it's all about!


lady jicky said...

never in my wildest dreams would I think a pitbull and a peke can best best friends but.... Chico and Steven are just that!!!

lady jicky said...

Oh , I am so sorry - I forgot to say "Happy 4th July" your independance day --- it was my dear Lulu's birthday too. I used to say she was a "yankee doodle dandy" born on the 4th of July!! LOL

Melanie Samet said...

This just shows that all the stereotypes they put on pittbulls are wrong. It's bad owners-not bad dogs.
Look how sweet they are together...What a blessing that they are now the best of friends-and sooo cute.
Thanks Linda for putting them together.