Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kenzo- Peke Wanna-Be

Kenzo is a shih tzu x maltese. He really wants to be a Peke though. His owner, Melinda, lives in Australia and we email often. It's so much fun having a friend in Australia!! Kenzo may not be a Peke, but like Pekes, he too has velcro paws, tail, body etc. The kitchen floor is full of leaves and twigs. And pollen.

The Vet told Kenzo's owner that these past years have been really bad for the itchy dogs and cats since they haven't had much rain and the pollens do not get washed away. She is sure her vet much have a Rolls Royce from all the vet bills she has paid!
Kenzo is such a naughty puppy. His mom does wish Lulu (herPeke) was here to help her, she would have him behaving. Her Peke ran the house in her quiet but determined way.
Kenzo likes to chew! His owner has never in her life had such a naughty puppy! He has taken a liking to giving their kitchen chair legs a "good old chew"! She said he thinks he is a beaver and had teeth like them - he has these tiny teeth but , oh can they chew through wood! She has sprayed the chair and table legs and he has not come near them to give it a chew . He chews the carpet too! He has alot of toys, so why do the dogs do this?! :-)
In Australia, they are now in winter-- and we are well into summer. Maybe Chewy Kenzo will grow up and not do so much chewing from now on!


Anonymous said...

My chewy little one has to be Taco. Ugh.

Karin said...

Kenzo is so cute ~ (but don't let that innocent expression fool me, right?)
My Uncle lives in Currarong, Australia.
I haven't had the pleasure of visiting, though. I really enjoyed the photos!

lady jicky said...

Good morning all! I got up this morning and came into the kitchen to see Kenzo chewing on these little seedpods on a branch he brought home last night while on a walk with my husband! Little hard seedpods all over the floor all with chew marks!
Yes, he even brings stuff home from walks to chew on!!! As its winter here , my camillias are flowering. I used to love to see them on the floor of the garden as the big fat flowers drop off the tree - not anymore!!! Kenzo loves to pick them up and have a chew on them too. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
*Karin , I have not been to Currarong either but I think its near the coast of NSW . It would be beautiful there - you must go one day!!