Saturday, June 30, 2012


BooBoo went to join his Peke friend, Baby, last night. He had been battling kidney failure and pancreatitis. They came to us in 2010, when his owner could no longer care for them. He was just over 11 we think, so not that old, but his little body just couldn't keep up anymore. Jon and Ann said he was a dog who lived strictly on his terms and didn't take to things he didn't want to do. Very Peke attitude! Rest in peace, sweet BooBoo.


This is Yoshi. He was rescued from a shelter in Baton Route, Louisana. He was saved FIVE MINUTES before he was set to be euthanized. Thank you to all who were part of this!He came to his mom Anna, in New York, via Pet Resq, Inc, on a 26 hour truck ride. It was his ride to freedom. At his new home, he likes to watch the rain outside-- and be bossy to his brothers and sisters. He wants to be alpha and his new mom is working on changing that. It's hard to do with dogs who are "bent" on being the boss. Once he realizes he doesn't have to be in charge, he'll be so much happier.He has a wonderful blue harness and gets to take walks, and just be a dog. He was matted and messy and the family who previously owned him just didn't care about him. Now, he's groomed and clean and... what are those funny shoes he sitting by? :-) I think he is wondering the same thing.Anna absolutely loves these little ones. Yoshi has a bit of an attitude, but he is only 2 or 3, so hopefully, he can learn good manners.Yoshi is a loving little boy with a huge personality. He loves being on her lap. Hopefully, he will adjust to being part of a pack-- and do it quickly. :-)

Friday, June 29, 2012


Remember Miss Diva Pearl? There is a book her mommy wrote about her. She sent us more to sell to raise money for our rescue. They are only $10 plus $2.00 shipping. What a deal! If you are interested in one, you can email me at She has a website-- just go to: This is her son, Shoko Moko. He is only 8 pounds-- the same size at Annie, our newest foster dog. He's all set for a walk in the rain.He likes to get on things.....and under things. I have a few that do this, too. (Especially Starlight)Shoko Moko is a beautiful boy and he has his own facebook page. love this one-- looks a baby blanket that Beach Bit has.You sure are pretty!! Diva Pearl and Shoko Moko's mom told me that Miss Pearl's mission is "Miss Pearl to the rescue!" With the donated books to sell and raise money for our fosters, that is so true-- thank you Miss Diva Pearl!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


A friend posted this picture of an Italian Pekingese. He looks a lot like Drake and Tinsley. Beautiful!! Drake has come back into rescue due to unforseeable circumstances for his owner. Drake will be fostered in Virginia, so let us know if you are interested in meeting him or Tinsley.


Look who is coming to us from a Maryland shelter. He's only 1 1/2 years old and medically updated. We'll have more information soon!! WE FOUND OUT HIS NAME IS CHARLIE, BUT HIS FOSTER MOM CALLS HIM CHARLIE BEAR. HE IS 15 POUNDS AND WAS BORN MARCH 1, 2011, SO HE IS LESS THAN 1 1/2 YEARS OLD. STAY TUNED FOR MORE PICTURES.


You have to be introduced to my latest foster dog-- Shannon is helping me. But, for now, Annie is with me. I got Annie from a local animal control last week. She was spayed, had a dental, and had cherry eye surgery repair.A week later (yesterday), she had to have her cherry eye surgery repeated. That little stinker figured out how to get her back paw around her 12.5 e-collar and scratch her eye! She now has a 15 e-collar on-- it's way too big, makes it hard to eat or drink, but we can't do this surgery again. You can almost see the dog with the e-collar!My Max is standing next to Annie-- Max is about 17 pounds. Annie is 8.2 pounds. TINY! She is the smallest full-grown foster dog I've ever had. Max is watching her play with HIS ball. She loves this tiny tennis ball.She prances at it, put it in her mouth and I think she could learn very easily to bring it back to me. She was doing it a little a few days ago.I took her e-collar off for the pictures-- she has to wear it for two weeks. She also has kennel cough, so for now, she has her own space in the living room in an xpen. She needs to gain a little weight, but she is eating well.Look how small she is here-- and this is not a large pot. And you can see-- someone docked her tail. Horrid. She still wags her little bit of a tail though.Starlight saw her-- "Really, there's a new foster dog?""I think I'll just climb back into Beach Bit's wagon until she goes away." Starlight, I think she's going to visit a bit-- but hopefully, someone will want this tiny sweet (and totally non-aggressive) girl and you'll get to be the small one here again. :-)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Niles came into rescue last year. We picked him up for another rescue, and the transport arrangements just never came about. His foster mom, Danni, fell in love with him. Now he's there to stay!


I've posted pictures of Rosebud before. She was rescued from a horrid puppy mill in Missouri. She is blind from lack of care, but she is getting all she needs now! She just got her summer cut and wanted everyone to see. Her mom, Millie, adores her! Blind dogs do really well and adjust by using their other senses. We have a blind dog in rescue now, Chester, who is part French Bulldog. He is adorable, playful, 5-6 years old and loves everyone and every dog. Please check out our site to see him. You might just fall in love!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Dog parks are not for everyone. Some dogs love them, but Dr. Hodges (our Roanoke vet) said she has seen some seriously injured dogs who have been to dog parks. Some owners also go there and do not supervise their dogs and some bring dogs who are not safe there. Here is an article on dog parks.
here: Dog Park Play: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly «


Look at beautiful Thor. He is twelve years old and just look at his markings. He is stunning. He is about to become big brother to Henry. Henry is moving to his new home this week-end. We are SO excited for him!!! He is special needs due to limited sight and vision, but he is a sweet boy who just wants a place to live out his life.I love people who want to give our seniors a special home where they can be loved and cared for. I'm so excited for Henry!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Look at this sweet boy-- his name is Patrick and he was recently turned into rescue. He is a really nice dog-- he loves other dogs and loves to give kisses. Patrick is three years old (born on St. Patrick's Day!) and about 16 pounds. I love his bowed legs-- so Pekey. If you would be interested in this wonderful boy, just let us know. Gonzo is now in his new home! His new name is Gucci.He was so excited to be there, it was hard to keep him still. He was so excited that he ran to check out the toys. His new siblings looked at their mom as if to say, "do we have to share my toys?" Yes, you do, you sweet things! Just say, "Welcome to the family!"

Sunday, June 24, 2012


here: Water Intoxication - BC Boards


Chris' Pekes are hanging out on the back porch. Lafite is resting and Mr. Winks is keeping watch. Lafite has cancer and is doing well for now. He's twelve years old and one of the Pekes we are praying for.Lacy keeps an eye out, too. I wonder what they are watching.I think Lacy has found another spot to rest. Is that a tarp? Mr. Winks came into rescue with so many allergies, but look at him now!He and Lacy (who was adopted from us) are good friends and curled up together-- you can see most of her. There she is.Mr.Winks has lots of sleeping spots-- Pekes love beds that are under things.Here's beautiful Lafite again. We hope he continues to do well-- he is part of his mom's heart.And I think he knows it. We love you, too, Lafite.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


There are three Pekingese in a shelter in Delaware. We could help if we had foster homes. This one is a male, and he's been fine at the shelter. He needs medical care (neutering) and a new home. We can't take more if we have no place to put them.


Moi Moi (left) and Coco are in Australia-- and it's winter there. It's cold!Coco hurt her back so she's on meds and rest. She doesn't get to take the nightly walks with Moi Moi and her daddy. She doesn't like that a bit.I'm sure Moi Moi wonders why Coco isn't going. She's getting a lot of attention, but she has to heal. She usually just rests on her mat in the kitchen and Moi Moi keeps an eye on her.They are both so cute! Can you send some of the cold our way?