Friday, June 1, 2012


Teddy is ready for his forever home. He would do great as an only dog, since he loves people the best. He would be best in a home without children though.Here he is with his kerchief with the red fire hydrants on it. He said to tell you that he hates fire hydrants and that he loves to sit in high places so he can keep a look-out for them.He's wearing a purple bow tie for Easter-- Don't you think he looks distinguished? I do!Teddy loves this orange ball toy. It squeaks and that makes him very happy!Teddy is a very happy Pekingese and he loves life. He has a lot of energy and is a fun-loving companion. If you'd like to adopt him, just go to our web site and fill out an application. He's worth it!


lady jicky said...

Another handsome guy!!
I hope Patrick and Teddy find a home really soon!!

Hey - put those two together people!!

cby said...

Love your ear fringe, Ted!