Friday, June 8, 2012


This is the little one we got in last week. Essie picked him up and got attached just on the short ride to the vet--- I can see why.He is full of personality. I think he's hunting something-- a playmate, maybe? ;-)He has a bad haircut (before we got him), but he's been bathed and smells so good now. I bet he feels good, too.And he is playing!That's Fiona peeking out behind him. Come on, guys. Come play!I'm waiting.Yippee!! Here comes Dollar-- let's go, buddy!I'm in front of you!Look at me go!Dollar is gaining on me! That's okay-- I just love having a running and playing friend.Fiona even got into the game. And she's older, but she wanted to play, too.Oh, I think Fiona still has some puppy in her-- she is loving all this. And so is Deanie! Lots of Pekes can have a great time together!!


lady jicky said...

He is just so cute!

lady jicky said...

Very cute!

Essie said...

He just needed some love attention and he opened right up!!!!
Yes I fell in love with him. He gives good kisses!!!

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, my gosh - what a cute bunch of Pekes playing and running together - ears flapping in the breeze :-) Bandit seems like a really fun and playful boy!