Saturday, June 30, 2012


BooBoo went to join his Peke friend, Baby, last night. He had been battling kidney failure and pancreatitis. They came to us in 2010, when his owner could no longer care for them. He was just over 11 we think, so not that old, but his little body just couldn't keep up anymore. Jon and Ann said he was a dog who lived strictly on his terms and didn't take to things he didn't want to do. Very Peke attitude! Rest in peace, sweet BooBoo.


Doris Sturm said...

I'm so sorry to hear that - he was precious. I just love his face! Maybe now he can find my Gizzy and play with him on the Bridge till I get there. My Gizzy died last November very suddenly of kidney failure and I'm still grieving for him. So sad, but rest in peace and no more pain, big boy! Run free!

lady jicky said...

So sorry for your loss ... my coco has pancreatits too so she sends a special "woof" for your BooBoo.

It never goes away does it Doris..special "woof" to your Gizzy on that special bridge too.

Nicky said...

BooBoo you are a beautiful boy. So sorry to hear you aren't physically here anymore. I wouldn't want you here suffering though. You will be very missed little BooBoo. Thank you for giving us the chance to know you and love you.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful baby. So glad his parents loved him like they did. It's so hard to lose our furbabies.