Thursday, June 14, 2012


Henry came to us in May froma shelter in Maryland. He has limited hear and sight, but is a sweet boy. He just needed our help.He was groomed and brushed and beautiful! Love the tongue!He had so much hair that he was hot, so we let him have a short cut. When he came back to Jeanne's, the gang all greeted him as if he was brand new. "Oh, you're Henry. We know you."He loves laundry! He likes to go outside. He can get up steps, but he doesn't have enough depth perception to go down them. He gladly accepts a ride though. He has a little blockade to keep him from going down to the basement from outside. He gets along with other dogs and loves to sit beside you on the couch. He will even come to you to ask to be put up there so he can watch TV with you. We just want to find him a forever home. We will waive his fee if you want to adopt him-- of course, we do have to have an approved application, but we just want him to live where he will be loved forever. Let us know if you're interested in this sweet boy.


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda, Henry looks like he has a massive and beautiful coat!!
He will be a beauty in winter!!

Adoption Vibes for the guy :)

Toni Davis said...

I just love Henry! Everytime I look at him my heart melts!