Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Gracie Lu has beds all over the house-- but the most important one is at the front door.She can guard the street and let her mom know when danger lurks.Wait, that's not danger! That's Bailey and his mom-- they've come so Gracie can go on a walk with them.Gracie loves her walks and she loves Bailey. He's a little Shih Tzu.Later, Gracie is back at her post. There is activity going on outside.Her mom is getting new railings by the steps and Gracie is watching his every movement.She guides him, letting him know what to do next. It is a very important job.There's no "laying down on the job" here! It just looks that way. She is very intent on making sure a good job is done.

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lady jicky said...

Hell, we ALL know Gracie holds the cheque book - so those railings better be done correctly !!! LOL