Monday, June 30, 2014


 Lexie is back home, and will see the vet this morning.   Let's pray for good results.   She is resting in her pink bed and doing okay.    She is REALLY wondering why all these dogs are here!
 You see, my daughters BOTH went on vacation at the same time-- and I love my daughters.   So, I help with their dogs.    Maddie is here and a very busy, energetic Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy.   She is about 60 pounds of fun at 6 months old.
 Rammi Ju is having a blast with Maddie-- they love to play chase.   Rammi is available for adoption!
Koko is fine with whoever is here.    She does like to boss Maddie around! (She is also a foster dog.)
 Pi-Pi (Sweetie-Pi) is 12 years old, a Shepherd lab mix.  She is the best dog I've ever known.   Love having her here.
 Yes, we see you Maddie-- you're waiting for me to throw your ball.
 Lottie is 14, a Peke who was only supposed to live until she was 5 because of back issues.    She fooled them!   She is having her Marilyn Monroe scene here (at her home) by sitting on a vent.
 She doesn't hear well or see well, and she has mobility issues, but she is still a sweet girl.    My Cranberry thought Lottie was her mom and just wiggled to pieces when Lottie came to visit-- it was so cute.
 And this is Leo-- it's my daughter's 8 year old black lab who lives down the street.   They had a pet sitter for Leo and Pandy (their 14 year old Peke mix).   Well, somehow Leo got out, and RAN down the street, 1/2 mile, straight to my gate!    There were people following him, trying to catch him, the pet sitter was a wreck, and somehow Leo found his way to our house.   He doesn't come here often because he doesn't like all the small dogs.  I just happened to be in the back yard when he showed up at the gate!    WOW.    He is fine now, and extra precautions have been taken to make sure he doesn't escape again-- Maybe he just wanted to check on his Maddie.
 Max is fine with the others, as long as they don't take his toys.
 Where is Beach Bit?  He's in Georgia, visiting grandparents-- no Bits at this Camp Runamuck!
 Kai Kai just grumbles sometimes at the rest of them.  He likes quiet!
And Starlight just hides out.   She is over all this chaos, even though she is so good about it.    Don't worry, girl, this is only a "camp"-- they'll go home soon!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


 Lexie was in ICU at the vet for three days-- Thursday until Saturday.   She crashed on Thursday and had to get two more transfusions.
 I went to visit her several times each day and took her chicken (she loves Chick-Fil-A).   She loves me to hold her like a baby.
 She wonders why I keep taking her picture-- it's because so many of you love her, too, and I want you to see how she is doing.  
 I wanted her to rest and I sat there for about an hour holding her.  
 She got down at first, and got under the chair.  This has all been pretty scary for her.  
 I took a selfie with her (those seem so vain, but I wanted a picture with her).
 She came home on Saturday and will see the vet again Monday morning.    After everything she has gone through, we think we know what is going on with her.   First, she had all the hookworms and was so depleted.  We have gotten rid of those and given her meds to help her digestive system to settle down. She will keep getting meds for that.  Her immunity was really down.   Her blood levels are good except for the red blood count, which keeps tanking.   After talking to specialists and spending over an hour going over all her labs and everything that has been done, we think Lexie has IMHA, hemolytic anemia.   It is very serious and she is on a lot of medication to try to help stabilize her.    I'll keep you updated on her.   Right now, her red blood count is doing much better-- her bone marrow IS making those cells.   Good news.
She is comfortable here at my home-- she wags her tail all the time.   I want to thank all of you who have become her Lexie-angels, and have donated to her care.  You are awesome!   Thank you for all the prayers, too-- those are more important than anything.   I will give her hugs for all of you!

Saturday, June 28, 2014


 Scooterbug came to us in September of 2001.   He was just a puppy and adorable!
 He loves the snow....
 and is a goofy boy!
 He welcomed many foster dogs here and was so good with each one of them.  He was the first to greet them, and would let them know, in his own special way, that they were safe here and that they had a friend.
 His tongue has always seemed to be too big for his mouth-- but that just gave him some charm.
 He has been a bright-eyed addition to our home for 13 years now. He's with foster Bailey here.
 He is not a young boy and he is a little slower now.
 But, he is still the sweetest thing.   Here he is with brother, Max.
 He sleeps a lot now, and has  liver issues.   Last year, he was in a coma for 3 days, but came out of it.    I didn't think we'd have him another year.
 Here he is with Kai Kai.     Scooter gets along with everyone.
 I love his silly expressions and happy personality.
 He is on the L/D diet to support his liver, he's on liver health meds and seizure and thyroid meds.   He takes meds for arthritis.... But, he's still here and we love him!
Happy Birthday, thirteen years old, to my special boy!!  We love you, Scooterbug!!

Friday, June 27, 2014


Daisy Lou was turned in by an "owner"-- she is safe now.
Look at that face!   She didn't know what was going on, but her eyes want to trust.
And trust she did!    She only took a short time in her foster home to become one of the gang.
She met everyone.  She loves to play!
She told them she liked belly rubs.
So does Bubba!   They are both very comfortable!
Daisy is the sweetest girl!    She is young, and is ready for adoption.    Just let us know if you're interested!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


 Pablo was one of the Bristol 18 Pekes that we took in.  It's hard to believe that it's been almost four years since we did that rescue-- 18 Pekes from a deplorable back yard breeder.  
 Do you like going to the creek, little buddy?
 It looks very cool to me-- I'd like to join you and have the water running over my feet on a warm day.
 Would you share it with me?
 You already share it?   With who?
 Oh, there are your two brothers!    You're all at the creek.
 You ventured out, I see-- how do you like it there?
 You're going back to the creek I see.    Oh, look at that smile!    Stay cool in the water.   It's a great place to be on a hot day!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


 Remember Hadley (Houdini) who was saved from a shelter in NC?    He now lives in N. Va. with Jazzy (on the couch armrest) and Gimmie.    Hadley has this wonderful life only because of one of our adopters who lived near the shelter that Hadley was in.
 Hadley's rescue family have Chloe, who is a sweet little rescue.    She is blind, but it doesn't get in her way.   Blind dogs learn to rely on their other senses and can have a full, wonderful life.
 Yoda (who was Cowboy Opie in our rescue) is really relaxing!   He was a wonderful "big brother" while Hadley stayed at their home a few days.
 And here's little Phoebe!   She is adorable-- I can see that Peke personality coming out.
Yoda and Phoebe were on a trip with their parents.   They all have a wonderful life, just like Hadley does now.    I'm so glad we have people who are willing to step up and help us save Pekes.   Thank you to THIS family!