Tuesday, June 10, 2014


 Ginny Lee came into rescue in July, 2012.   She came from a shelter in DC and was terrified and drooling.  Pekes just don't do well in the shelter and it's very difficult to evaluate them there.    They are just scared.
 Ginny was adopted to a family who just adores her!   She is the only dog, which she prefers.
 She loves to help her family by moving her toys around.   I hope you didn't put one in a paint can!
 She supervised painting the kitchen-- you know I think Pekes need a job and supervising is one they can do easily!   She looks hard at work here!  She did think one of the paint brushes was a new toy.
 When Ginny was adopted, she came with a Christmas toy that she has "loved" to death.  Her mom keeps fixing it and then Ginny tears it up again.  
The painting is all done, the furniture is all back in place (you know if you are working in one room, the other rooms are effected-- so there was a lot of disorder, just like my house when I paint).   Ginny has some new toys and seems to be happy even though the Christmas toy will always be her favorite (if it lasts!).    We're so glad she has such a great home!

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lady jicky said...

I have some ironing that Ginny might consider to do for me :)