Monday, June 9, 2014


 We took in two 9 year old Peke brothers, Hurricane and Seminole.   They are the best dogs!!  
 They are looking for a home together, and will bring you nothing but love.     They have had all their medical done and one lost a lot of teeth, but now they are healthy and cute with their summer haircuts.
 Huri and Semi love to snuggle together and are quiet, easy-going boys.
 They are being fostered with Bubbles-- she was a foster with us and we called her Champagne Bubbles.    Unfortunately she lost both her eyes, but she gets around just fine.   Her mom just loves her!
 Festus, also adopted from us, loves Huri and Semi and all the dogs get along so well.  Huri and Semi are just so loving.   Even after surgery (nasal/eye fold and dental), they still wagged their tails when they were talked to.
We can't leave out Daisy the cat.  She lives there, too, and isn't bothered by being the only cat.  Huri and Semi sniffed her and made friends and get along fine with her.    If you are looking for a sweet pair, these two may be it!

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lady jicky said...

I am doing an Adoption dance for little Hurricane and Seminole.

They must be together for ever!

Hello Ms Champagne Bubbles - so sweet!