Friday, June 20, 2014


 Lexie was given a blood transfusion yesterday and also had her spleen xrayed and more bloodwork done.   And why is she going through all this?    Because she had hookworms.  
 Lexie's medical records (the owner did give me those) indicated chronic issues with worms, diahrea and vomiting over her entire life of five years.    She was so sick when I got her on Saturday, had diahrea, and was very very anemic.  
 Click here: Hookworms | Pets & Parasites: The Pet Owner's Parasite Resource   Hookworms can cause serious blood loss, and death can occur without transfusions.    They can become dehydrated, and anemic, and lose weight-- Lexie had all of this.    Her condition was chronic, long-term and critical.  On top of all that, we found out that Lexie also has a double-bacteria bladder infection and will be on antibiotics 3 times a day.   She is a little fighter and we're doing all we can for her.
I talked to the vet last evening and they had begun a second transfusion.    Her spleen is enlarged, but not as bad as the vet thought and this is also from the anemia caused hookworms.    Thank you to all of you who made such generous donations!   We will need them.  But, I'm determined this little girl will pull through.  I visited with her and she ate food off my fingers.   She is on IV fluids and had to stay at the vet all night.   I'll update you as the day continues-- check out facebook.    She is on her back in all these pictures because she likes to be that way-- she was alert and happy to see me.   Love that girl!


lady jicky said...

Poor Lexie !

Its so easy to give a dog a worm tablet!!! Plus - many worms we can catch too!
The old owner was Nuts!!!!

Allene Jimenez said...

This is so horrible for this baby to be suffering from all these parasites. This person should have never owned a dog or any other animal if she could not afford vet care. My heart bleeds for beautiful Lexie. Please keep us adopted on this precious baby. Much love and prayers to you Linda for taking such good care of Lexie. Love, Allene