Tuesday, January 31, 2017


 Harrison arrived safely to rescue yesterday.
 He is a small, 13.8 pound Peke.   He will be ten years old next month.  
 He loved the snuggle bed he was carried in, but then...
 he got down at the vet to check things out.
 He was kenneled at his owner's vet after his owner died-- he was there over four months, so I'm sure he did not get much exercise.  
 He is a little gimpy in the back end, due to arthritis, but exercise will help to strengthen his muscles and help him get around much better.
 He squinted during a photo shot and this picture makes me laugh.   Being in rescue gives us many opportunities to love so many.   Harrison is no exception.
 He walked around, checking out the exam room.
 And had fun meeting the vet tech.
 A little chin rub was great.
 He loved it.
 We did xrays and bloodwork and we'll know more in a few days.  I think he is pretty healthy.
 He had some treats, but especially loved the baby food tastings that the vet gave him.
 She examined him this way..
 and that way.   And he did so well.
Welcome to rescue, sweet boy!   We already love you.

Monday, January 30, 2017


 Abraham was at the meeting for a short time yesterday- he is SO much prettier in person!
 He met Willow, a tripod rescue and he really liked her.   She was great with him.
 He went to his possible mom and leaned over for a pet.
 Then, he followed Willow around more.
 He is so cute-- and wagged his little tail a lot.   He doesn't seem to have a full tail, but it still worked!
 He went up to his possible dad and wanted attention-- it went very well.
And they adopted him!   I hope it goes great-- these two seem to really like each other.  Abraham has been through a lot in the last week, but now he can settle down and relax.   I think these two are going to be great friends!

Sunday, January 29, 2017


We had a great meeting yesterday at Fiona's.
 It was our January board meeting for the club, PVPC.  We had a guest there, tiny Leeloo.
 She was visiting at Fiona's and she knows how to do 'high five'-- ow cute is that!
 She loves toys, and she loved being held.  Tiffany was in heaven, petting this sweet girl, who is 3 years old.
 The is so small-- she's a head and tail put together in the cutest form!
 We covered a lot of business in our 3+ hour board meeting-- we were all tired, but I'm so thankful for our board who really wants to do things right, and keep rescuing Pekes!  
And we were entertained by Leeloo the entire time!!

Saturday, January 28, 2017


 Zachariah came to us from Annapolis in 2010.  His owners had moved and said they couldn't take him.   So sad.
 Zachariah already had a grade 2 heart murmur, but he was so sweet.  His foster family couldn't let him go, and they adopted him.
 His mom adored her little boy.  
 He was 12 years old, but his heart was worse and he was on medication for that, and for arthritis-- but he kept going as much as he could.
 Dogs with heart issues can go into congestive heart failure very quickly and Zachariah died peacefully at his  home-- I know he tried hard to stay with his family.
His mom said, "My sweet Zachariah earned his wings, he's in heaven running around with Jazzy, Dolly, Dexter & April. I'll miss my little smushie face-fluffy butt. I'm heartbroken but he passed away peacefully at home. You've never known puppy love until you've been owned by a Pekingese."   Run free, sweet boy.  


 Snuffles (formerly Trotter) has a new family!
 He joins Schmoo (and his ball!) and Pudgie, both PVPC alumni.  
 Pudgie is thrilled to have a new friend-- he was adopted from a sister rescue (it's a great rescue) and we don't mind that a bit.  
 Snuffles is a little beauty!
 I think they are all going to have a great time together.
Welcome to our blog and facebook family, sweet boy-- we love you already!

Friday, January 27, 2017


 We received a request from a Maryland shelter asking if we could help this one.  We were told his owner had passed away.
 He has a Peke body, and a little bit of a nose, but we had room.   Ida went to get him.
 Ida and our other helpers will drive HOURS to pick up or transport dogs in need.   Rescue could not exist without their wonderful help.  And they do it on "their dime" for gas and of course, having to sometimes stop to get a snack.  Or Starbucks! (That would be me!)
 I appreciate Ida and our other volunteers SO MUCH!   Abraham is now safe, and has been to the vet to be checked out.   He has all his vaccines, is microchipped and has been neutered and had a dental.
He is estimated to be about 5 years old, 13 pounds (very fluffy, too), and very sweet.  He is at Ida's until Saturday when transport has been set up for a foster home.   He is having so much fun at Ida's, and you can see that Percy has told him about his "hidey hole" under the table.  Thank you, Percy, for sharing it with him!!  

Thursday, January 26, 2017


 Weezie was Doris' sweet girl.  She was a Katrina survivor from Mississippi.  
 She had several homes, but she became Doris' girl in 2011.   She was a Therapy Dog and was loved by so many.  
 Weezie was deaf and blind at the end of her life, but she still got around and enjoyed sniffing for new scents.
 She was slowing down, and she was getting tired.  
 She enjoyed resting on the crocheted toys her mom made.
It was time to say good-bye.   She was an old girl, but letting go is so hard to do.  I know Teddy her Peke brother, and her mom miss her so much.  Run free now, sweet girl.