Sunday, January 29, 2017


We had a great meeting yesterday at Fiona's.
 It was our January board meeting for the club, PVPC.  We had a guest there, tiny Leeloo.
 She was visiting at Fiona's and she knows how to do 'high five'-- ow cute is that!
 She loves toys, and she loved being held.  Tiffany was in heaven, petting this sweet girl, who is 3 years old.
 The is so small-- she's a head and tail put together in the cutest form!
 We covered a lot of business in our 3+ hour board meeting-- we were all tired, but I'm so thankful for our board who really wants to do things right, and keep rescuing Pekes!  
And we were entertained by Leeloo the entire time!!

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LadyJicky said...

So glad you are all still rescuing Pekingese. They are so rare in Australia and we do need the breed to go on and not die out. They are "high maintenance" - grooming etc. and if they have health problems... oh boy - the do have them big time but ........ what a wonderful dog they are and my Mum was at my house for a couple of days (she left today .. my Mum is not well so we sort of nursed her back - well , enough for her to go back to her home - she is 82) .... well, my Mum said today - "They are really the perfect dog.... they really don't bark and make too much trouble" and you know - they are. Groom them everyday ... just a brush through and they will not get knotted and make sure they do not run too much in the heat ... its really hot here - tomorrow will be over 100f . I have had a Cairn terrier , X Pug and a full pug plus x Shitzu and I loved them all but .... I am whispering ... I loved my three pekingese the most . Yes ...its true - I have just Coco now but there is something about a Pekingese!!! Plus ...... its Chinese New Year this weekend ... Year of the Rooster so .... everyone at Must Love Pekes........ GONG XI FA CAI !!!