Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I went to see Ty-Ty, my foster who was adopted in 2010.   I love catching up with them!
He has been grieving the loss of his Peke brother, and his parents have been giving him special care.
It's amazing and sad how dogs can suffer when a beloved friend dies.
So, it was so critical to find him a friend.
Enter, MOWGLI!!   Mo-Mo!
Ty-Ty was playing with his toys while I was there.
And he was watching what was going on as we talked-- and had coffee and "right out of the oven" cranberry/pecan bread. Oh, my, it was so good!
Mo-Mo is so funny-- it you push on him a little, he falls over.  :-)
Ty-Ty watched from his corner--
He has a lot of toys!
Mo-Mo had a mohawk when he came into rescue-- but it's growing out, or should I say, the rest is growing in.   He has a dark patch across the middle of his head.
I usually sit on the floor when I am meeting dogs-- they are less threatened by this.  (All those who have come to meet my Starlight, know how true this is.)
We were having a great time, and Mo-Mo just kept letting me pet him.  
I think Ty-Ty is going to be so much better now that a new friend is there.
Playing is  good sign.
Mo-Mo is so laid back that he gets along with everyone, so he will be a good comforter for Ty-Ty.
Time for a nap--having company is exhausting!

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LadyJicky said...

I think they are becoming great friends.... and doesn't Ty Ty have a beautiful long tail!