Thursday, January 19, 2017


 Bink lives with his mom, Anna, and the rest of his doggy siblings in New York.  
 He must wonder why all the dogs don't have as good a life as he does.  And a toy to cuddle up with.
 He has a friend named Trixie.  It's much better to have a buddy to sleep with.  
 Willie is the old man in the bunch.   He's a pro as welcoming new family members!  He has had many walks in New York City-- and even had his mom chasing him in her pajamas one time.  I bet that was fun for him!  (Not so much for his mom and dad!)
 Bink and Trixie like naps together, too.   There's something about snuggling up to another to make the nap so much better.
 Anna has a heart for the downtrodden in the dog world.   Oliver Bo-Bo is part Peke and a lot of Chin.   He was a foster failure who has been living wild in a park in NJ.   He had so many issues from being on his own that he could not be adopted, so Anna adopted him.   She loves him to the moon and back.  He is so lucky to have her!
There is just something about having more than one dog-- and I can't imagine having "just one."  Anna can't either!


LadyJicky said...

Oh they are just so cute..... I would love to have another dog with Coco here but with my health... sadly I can only cope with one.

Anna Saar said...

Thank you Linda for sharing our gang -- we are truly blessed with our Peke family!