Friday, January 13, 2017


 Sneaky Wu was great in the snow-- it's all gone now, but for several days the Virginia Beach area had plenty of it!
 Colby thought it was great, but his sister would not leave the porch!
 Jeremy, Bonnie's boy, must have been burrowing in it with his face!   My granddog, Granger, does the same thing-- and then the face is completely white and becomes completely wet when he comes inside!
 Lily, Beth's girl, made tiny footprints in the snow.  "What is all this stuff?"
 Her brother, Ted, looks a little confused by it.
 Between Ted and Lily, there were a lot of Peke prints in the yard.
Princess Abby lives in Florida-- I think she was sticking her tongue out at us-- as if she was saying, "Snow!!  We don't have that here!"
 Tabatha had plenty at her house, but she found a nice, warm spot where she could just watch it.  That bed looks so soft!
 Bradley-- oh my!   As the snow began to melt, I think he had TOO much fun.   Were you  digging??
Mr. Winks in Maryland, said to just forget it!   He had a new blanket and he was going to just hang out until it went away.
Sophie just worried about her hair.  With all the heat on, the moisture in the house is low, and she has a major case of static hair!!  Poor girl!!   It's now in the 60s.   In Virginia, the weather can change 40 degrees in a few days-- so we never know what the weather will be.   We just take each day as it comes.   The snow was pretty, though!

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