Tuesday, January 24, 2017


 Abbey is a Peke puppy (with some Japanese Chin in her) that belongs to a friend of mine.  My friend was having surgery and so Abbey came to stay with me last week.
 All of my dogs are old, some with special needs.  They didn't know what to do with this little one!
 Abbey is a sweet girl, but full of energy and zip!
 Abbey loves to be with the rest of the dogs-- but she isn't sure why they won't play like she wants to do.  Kai Kai just wants to rest.
 Abbey plays a lot, but she likes to rest, too-- she has found many spots in the house.  Like on top of the couch.
 Starlight is not amused.   "Who is this little nuisance?!"
 Starlight and Kai Kai were on the couch with me.
 Just resting and minding their own business.
 And Abbey jumped up to join us.
 She is a sweet girl.   She loves to sleep with us at night.  Our bed is a King size one, a good thing!  It's full!
Abbey helped me with the laundry, too.   I'll have to teach her more things she can do.  For now, she's staying here since her mom is still in the hospital.  She's having fun and the rest are learning  what having a puppy around is all about. :-)   Abbey is a sweet one!


LadyJicky said...

Oh I feel so sorry for the "Oldies" there .... puppies have so much energy!!! LOL

Boy that Starlight is pretty! If she lived near me ... I would pinch her and keep her for myself ! LOL

Lost Earring said...

I've enjoyed the Abbwy comes to visit photos and I can relate when we adopted Mercer Meyer who is full of youthful vigor and excitement. Our Pekes Bandit and Queen Willow are much more sedate but Mercer was determined that they play every day and they do. They're both used to having their favorite blanket ripped away from them while they are asleep and Bandit woke up on the floor suddenly because Mercer took it into his head to dump Bandit out of bed and then run off with the bed.

Some days it's a three ring circus all day and then there are the times when I go into the living room and they are all asleep upside down with paws in the air.