Tuesday, January 17, 2017

PVPC 2017 CALENDAR-- some left

We still have calendars left if you want to have one-- or two to give as a gift.   Order now and you will get  them in time for Christmas!!  (Abner, my foster foster, is on the cover!)
Starlight is so excited that she will be on it this year!!!

To order this calendar, send an email to Fiona at Fiona@fionaross.net and let her know how many you want to order.   Please include your address and she will let you know what your total is (calendar plus postage, which changes depending on how many you are ordering).   The calendars are $20.00 each.   It will be a wonderful addition to your desk or as a gift.   Let us know, so we can get them out to you quickly.   First come, first serve.  :-)  (We can reorder, but that takes time if you want them soon.)   

1 comment:

LadyJicky said...

I was very lucky to get my PVPC Calendar yesterday !!

I Always look forward to it and - as usual - its a Beauty !!!!

Thank you :)