Thursday, November 30, 2017


Madeline Grace was in rescue over two years ago. 
 I had SO many who wanted her-- she was a sweetheart.
But, we had a wonderful applicant near me, and I really liked them.
 They had already adopted Mickey, and they saw Madeline on our site.
 She joined the family and she and Mickey are best friends!
 I think one of her beds is as big as she is.
 They saw their mom decorating and began to wonder what was going on.
 "What is that?  A tree?   Inside?!"
 "I'd better hold on to my toy-- she may try to hang it on the tree."
 Keekers, the cat, was not a fan of this.
 Madeline posed like a pro.  I think she's going to be all about Christmas!
 Mickey has the sad face look-- but don't let him fool you.   He's a happy boy.
 Their mom sat to show them Christmas things.
 Do you like your hat, Mickey?
 Oh my-- you're so cute.
I know you'll both have a happy Christmas!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


 Piper was my foster dog in 2013.  He was with me for six months before the perfect home came for him.
 Piper was so good with Beach Bit who was only 2 at the time.   Here's a blog I did right before he was adopted-- he did like to get on a lot of things! Must Love Pekes: I LOVE YOU, PIPER!
 Piper celebrated his first Christmas there and I hope he shares his Christmas pictures this year.  It's so much fun to get updates on our adopted dogs! 
 Piper just celebrated his 8th birthday with his sister, Abbi.   They are checking out his presents.
 It must be something special!
Piper is loved and happy and enjoying his birthday toy!   A happy forever home! 
Happy Birthday, Piper!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Adopting from us is a process.   We must have an application for the process to begin.
I have received comments to my blog, and emails asking for information-- one sentence, but no information given on who the person is or what kind of home they could give.   We are happy to help.  We WANT to find our foster dogs great homes.   But, we are also very busy, so if you write us, please tell us about who you are, what kind of home you have.   PLEASE read our bios.  If we say a dog is part of a bonded pair, don't ask us to separate them.   If we say they must have a playmate, don't ask if they can be an only dog.   If we feel they must have a fenced yard, don't say you will put one up-- email us once you have a fence (a secure fence-- Pekes are small and can get out).    Please don't say you can't afford the adoption fee-- that just tells us you can't afford the vetting costs. (Our adoption fees are incredibly reasonable.  We spend a lot more than the adoption fee.)   Our dogs are wonderful and many have been through a lot.  We do home checks and vet checks to make sure we find as great a home as we can.   SO, if you want to adopt, please help us to know you.   We may just have the perfect dog for you.       

Monday, November 27, 2017


 Granger knows it's time to decorate.
 He is beside himself with joy and energy!
 He is bursting with ideas!
 It absolutely wore him out, so he gets a snuggle from his girl.
Look at those eyes-- I think he just had a great plan!  Now to just figure out what he is thinking.
Let us know what it is-- meanwhile, I'll keep decorating at my house.  I know Granger will be back soon to help me.  (He's my granddog.)

Sunday, November 26, 2017


 Thanksgiving is over and now it's time to decorate!  What better place to start than our Peke! Ollie is modeling his special headband.   Are you sure that it doesn't belong to your sister, Buffy?"
 Poof wore her peppermint jacket.  She was ready for chilly weather.
And Kai Kai modeled-- well, not a peppermint jacket-- but a beautiful plaid one.   They are saying, "Let's get ready for Christmas! and decorate!!   Happy Sunday!

Saturday, November 25, 2017


Farewells are hard to do, but I feel it's so important to honor the lives of these sweet Pekes.    Smokey is one of those really sweet Pekes.   
 Smokey belonged to one of our wonderful adopters. 
 He was a wonderful boy who was the least aggressive Peke they have ever know. 
 He was 15, and had lost his litter mate to a stroke four and a half years ago.
 They loved to greet their neighbors and race for home when it was in sight. 
 Smokey kept looking for his brother after he died, running to other dogs to sniff at them.
 They were a beautiful pair.   Smokey's owners decided that he needed a friend and they adopted a sweet pair from us. 
 They knew Sammy would want that for his brother.
Two years ago, they adopted ChaCha and Poncho.   They kept Smokey company and he was part of a group again.   They were together and happy, but Smokey left them a few weeks ago.  It was so sad to lose him, but his owners knew he would be joining his brother, Sammy and they could run and play again.    I know ChaCha and Poncho miss him, but now Smokey can run free.   You were loved, sweet boy.


 I know this is not about Pekingese, but this is an important health issue.  Bigger dogs usually have this happen-- but it can happen to smaller dogs, so I wanted to have a blog to teach you more about this condition.   Pi is my granddog but has been at my vet for care and several surgeries. 
 She had a lump removed almost two years ago and it was cancer-- but they got it all and she was back to herself quickly.  She was 14 then.   She doesn't have much gray, and looks much younger.
 They all came for Thanksgiving.   
 We got up Wednesday morning to begin baking and Pi was not doing well. 
 We took her in to have the vet check her out.  You see, Pi is 16 years old, but she is the best dog ever-- even if she isn't a Pekingese.   (She is Lab, Chow, and a little Llasa Apso-- where is that??!  That's what the DNA test said-- maybe they made a mistake!) 
 Because she is an old girl, we thought she had something pressing on her heart.  She was panting heavily and was stiff and had trouble laying down.  She stopped eating and we could tell she was in great distress. 
 Even Gigi,her sister, knew something was off.   X-rays were done and it showed she had bloat.   Bloat is VERY SERIOUS.  It's considered an emergency and without a surgical procedure (using a tube to go to her stomach to try to get the stomach turned back to normal) or surgery, a dog can quickly go into shock and die.
 We had the surgical procedure done to try to turn her stomach with the tube, not the abdominal surgery due to her age.  With the surgery, the stomach is turned and tacked to the abdominal walls to keep it in place.   There is a chance this can happen again, but we really hope it doesn't. 
 Pi immediately stopped panting after the procedure.   She was able to stand up again the next day-- the blood supply had been effected with the bloat. 
 During the procedure, the stomach was emptied with the tube and the contents showed that this was recent, and no stomach damage had occurred-- another good thing.
 Pi came home the next day-- yes, on Thanksgiving, and was able to do SHORT walks.  She ate a tiny bit of canned I.D. stew.   (Acredale Animal Hospital in Virginia Beach is 24/7 now.  I pay a small fee to have access any time of the day or night, at regular prices, for my dogs and my foster dogs.  It is worth EVERY penny!)
 She will now be on more frequent, smaller meals.   If she has dry food, it must be moistened to fully expand before she eats it.   We bought a case/flat of the I.D. stew for her to use for the first week and to add to her "dry" later.
 Granger, her Peke brother, was so glad she was okay. 
We are so glad Pi is back with the family-- she is the best dog ever!  Even if she's not a Peke!  We love our girl.