Monday, November 6, 2017


 It has been a long few weeks-- few months!  We've been so busy, but we always seem to have room to take in a new foster.   Poof came to me last month and needed a lot of care. 
 Poof needed eye drops throughout the day (she has a stubborn ulcer that needs meds often) and so she and Kai Kai got to go to the Peke meeting in Richmond with me.   (The red "leash" is his seat belt.)
 Kai Kai just went BECAUSE.   Because he's my heart, because he's my boy, because someone wanted to meet him after seeing him in pictures for years.   I love all my dogs, but Kai Kai is blind and needs special care.
We stopped on the way up to get a coffee.  I know where the Starbucks are.   Their Komodo Dragon is a dark coffee but oh so good!  So, are their holiday blends!   The pups got a little walkabout.   Autumn leaves were beginning to fall.  Perfect weather!
 Poof enchanted everyone at the meeting.  She has quite a following! 
 Kai Kai found his spot on the ottoman there-- and Tricia sat right next to him.
 Poof decided to make the rounds, begging from each person there.   NO, I don't give her people food at home.  She's on a special diet.  So, why did she try it there? 
 She tried because she's so cute and she used the paw trick-- it didn't work.  Oh, sad.   She did get hypo-allergenic treats from Fiona that her Magnolia gets. 
 Poof surprised us all by playing with toys!  She played with a lot of them.  Another step in healing.
 The rabbit was almost as big as she was.  She really liked the rope toy!
 Then, she laid down in a chair with Lisa and fell asleep. 
 Magnolia got to sit with her mom and get a few special treats herself.  Isn't she beautiful!  I look at each dog and "see" their story and see how far they have come.
 Kai Kai enjoyed time just getting attention and being snuggled.
 Magnolia showed us her yard-- fall is here, leaves are all over.
 Kai Kai had his autumn tie on-- it couldn't hang in the right spot.  That's okay. 
 We stopped on the way home and visited with one of our daughters and two of the grandbits. 
 We sat outside by the water, ate from a food truck and just enjoyed being together.
When we got home, we were all exhausted!   Poof found one of her beds again and crashed.  
We all slept late yesterday! 

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LadyJicky said...

That was a big day Linda.
I know Kai Kai is your heart dog and he is just so beautiful.... that coat and colour! I bet he has lots of girlfriends.

So ... little Poof knows how to beg for food but .... sadly it did not work - Diets are hard !