Sunday, November 5, 2017


Jasper came into rescue in May of 2016.   He was found as a stray, with a microchip, but the chip had not been updated, so his owner couldn't be found.  (Please remember to update your microchip information-- numbers change, people move...)
He was an older dog and we found out he had a very bad heart.   
I asked a friend, Jan, if she would forever foster him.  She said YES!   
He was so loved in his foster home-- he had all the care he needed.   He was adorable.
When I took Bella and Simon there to be adopted, Jasper was so excited.  He tried to play with them, but all he could do was bark and give a little jump.  He was just adorable. 
I received a message this morning from Jan that Jasper had died in his sleep.  His heart was done and just quit. 
He had a wonderful home there, so loved, so cared about.   He will be missed so much.  Run free now, sweet Jasper. 


LadyJicky said...

Thinking of you Jan at this sad time.
I am so glad Jasper had love and kindness in his later years.

Susan Myers said...

Little Jasper, you gave so much love and fun. You are young again and can play all you want. You will be missed.