Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LuLu Again-- and Friends

Fran and her pups (and family!) just moved to California. The dogs are making the adjustment to her beautiful new home and nice yard. LuLu the Peke is definitely the alpha dog there-- bossy mama to them all.

Bambi Belle is timid, but doing great. Fran rescued her and Taco from a breeder who was just going to throw them away to a shelter.
Taco takes time out for an itch. Look at his coloring!!
Sweet Nubby just likes to be anywhere that she is loved.
And LuLu Belle is queen over her domain and her subjects (dogs and people). She is checking out her new surroundings and wonders what the big water feature (pool) is all about! I do NOT think she's going to take up swimming. :-)
Her mom sent me this note: "Lu was curious about the pool and would run to the edge when I was swimming. I carried her in with me and she seemed to really like the warm water on her, she had such a good time, every time I'd carry her out to the edge she'd run back and whine for me to carry her back in. I guess it cooled her off as well. (Don't worry, the pool is treated with green cleaners because of my allergy to overly chlorinated pools.) Nubby, Taco and Bell do not like it."
Lu has also made a new friend, her owner's father in law's Lab Bubba. He's an older dog and Lu enjoys following him around. Her mom said it's cute because he comes up to our bedroom door and she meets him there in the morning and waits for me to open up the door for her. They have a big size difference and they have the same color coat. We'll have pictures of them together soon.
LuLu is taking a little time getting used to California, but I know she'll love the nice weather, laying by the pool and spending time with her mom.
We have quite a few of our adopted dogs who have moved to California-- Maxwell, Tyler, Max (not the one I have now), Cooper, Dexter (with their Jelly Belly friend) and now LuLu Belle. I think there's a "Westward Ho" movement going on!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Clarence at Work

Remember Clarence-- we got him before Christmas, so I named him after the Christmas angel in "It's a Wonderful Life."

This is Clarence at work-- REALLY!! His mom takes him to work a lot and while there, Clarence works hard right along with her. Can you tell?? I think he's working hard at sleepiing!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Here's LuLu again! She's such a beauty-- And she loves attention from her mom!
LuLu and her family moved to California. LuLu was adopted last year and I had the pleasure of becoming friends with her family, especially her new mom. I kind of became her Virginia Mom-- a pleasure for me.
Taco is ready to leave Virginia! The family and dogs drove across country in four days!

Here's their couch and house "slogan." It means "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" and hangs over their bed. That's so sweet!
They are setting up the dining room.
And their dogs new outside areas are wonderful.
AND A POOL-- oh, I'm officially jealous. (Don't worry, dogs are safe!)
LuLu is checking out her new yard.
And she checks out the inside (with her eyes close and napping!) with Bambi Belle, the Chihuahua.
And back outside again with Nubby, her best friend. I love Nubby!! :-)
And LuLu's mom and dad got married last week-- I wanted to be there, but it's a little far. I was there in my heart though!! Here's her bouquet. Isn't it beautiful!

Happy Wedding, Happy Dogs, Happy New Home! God's blessings on you all!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


This is Chien-Chien. I was able to get her out of a shelter in Roanoke, VA last year. My granddaughter was my rescue partner and was a great help!!
Chien-Chien is so pretty.
She has huge eyes that take everything in.
Look at the look she is giving the camera! Whoa-- don't take anymore pictures. :-)
And it's time to rest.
Chien-Chien has a beautiful red coat.
Chien-Chien lives in Maryland now and is adored by her owner. I can certainly see why!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Sushi is a beautiful MALE Pekingese. I emphasize the "MALE" because I was calling him a her. Oh, the trauma I must have caused this precious dog. So sorry Sushi!!

Look at these eyes-- don't you just want to hug him!

Sushi is a beautiful boy. I love how he can curl up anywhere-- and look so comfortable.

He won the Conklyn’s Florist of Alexandria 2008 Halloween Contest. Look how cute he is!!

He was adopted at the end of May 2008 from a family litter from up in Maryland. His owners chose his name due to the significance that Sushi was actually first founded in China and not in Japan as most people think.

He's a puppy here, and he's having a blast in the sand!

He was vacationing at Hilton Head, SC. He is a total beach dog!! I bet he got a bath as soon as he got home.

Sushi has 2 Cat sisters (Endora 3 and Esmerelda 2) that immediately adopted him and love to play with and wrestle with him. Sushi loves hanging out with his owners at the Shirlington dog park and riding in the car. He loves to go to visit the family farm in Lewisburg, WV.

Sushi also loves getting dressed up in his Ralph Lauren designer clothes.

He also has a best friend Moe who lives in Del Ray that he loves hanging with.

I want to welcome Sushi's owners, Michael and Alan, to our club. They want to help our rescue dogs, too.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

King Symba

Click here: YouTube - Dog Plays Simon Says I can just see Symba playing this!
Symba is owned by Shanyn, one of our foster moms. You can see him here with Chelsea, one of our foster Pekes, and Lopey, their other dog. Aren't they cute!!
Symba thinks he's the king. He thinks he's tough. He thinks he can take on Chuck Norris!
He was able to talk his dad into doing a blog on just that topic! It's so funny, so here's the link. Check it out and see how tough King Symba is!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chewman, Toast's Friend

Chewman was one of Toast's friends. I know he'll miss her.

Chewie Cookie aka Chewman was one of my foster dogs. He was adopted in March, 2005 (has it been that long!!??). He lives in Richmond now. And he is so loved!!! Can I live there, too!?

He's with one of his friends. He gets along with everyone and every dog! His friend's name is Pickle! Don't you love that name!!?

Chewman's owner said he is the happiest Peke she's ever know-- and she's known a few since theirs is a Peke-loving family!! Chewman also thinks it's fun to chase squirrels. If it's like my house, all I have to do is say, "SQUIRREL" and they all run to the yard to look!

Chewman has started singing with his mom every night-- She sings this song to them when they head off to bed--he runs to the bedroom, throws his head back, and "sings"-- She said Chewman sounds much better than she does! She tried to get it on video, but he looks at her like I am crazy, and stops!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Farewell to Toast

We want to say good-bye to sweet Toast. Her family made a video as a tribute to her and I want to share it with all of you. Their tribute to Toaster:
She was rescued from a puppy mill and lived her life with Cate, one of my adopter's daughters.
Toast had a good life with her family. She had a lot of Pekingese friends.
She protected them, she loved them, she was beautiful.
She was a faithful companion to her mom. She lived in a family that loves Pekingese.
Her little tongue hung out of her mouth, but that just made her cuter.

Toast gave her mom a big kiss before she died. This will forever be a loving memory -- they are convinced she was saying "Thank You."
Farewell Toast-- you are missed. And you will never be forgotten.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Here's Chance again-- he's getting a lot of coverage lately. Really, he's just the "lead in dog" for other dogs we visited. And this blog is no exception.
We were taking Corkey up to N.Va. and stopped in Richmond. Chance was along to go to visit in Richmond. After I got there, with my husband, several of us went to lunch. At the last minute, Gloria (our club president) and I decided to make a fun day of it, and we met at a fellow member's house. And we all went to get Mexican food!

Corkey was left in prison (the kitchen) while we left.
It wasn't long-- eating Mexican food is great, but it is almost like a fast food restaurant!

Then, we all went outside. Here is one of Sonia's Pekes-- Sandy. Sandy is an old boy. He used to be able to climb up the stairs to the deck.
Can someone help the boy??
Maybe I can do it myself-- let me try.
Well, maybe not.
Back inside and Sandy settles down for a nap.
I laid down on the floor in front of him to get some cute pictures. He's the sweetest boy!
Look at this face!
And then there is Precious-- her name fits!
Can you see her posing for the camera?
I'll look this way-- can you get my face?
How is this? Better? I know I'm beautiful!
And here is Corky-- he was neutered so had to wear the horrible e-collar. The dogs hate these things--
But, it did not stop him from trying to play!! Chance is listening to a secret, I think.
And off they go, Corkey and Chance. Having a Peke friend is so much fun.