Monday, June 8, 2009

Darby Working

Here's Darby when we first got her into rescue. She had so many health problems, but they were all taken care of and she went to her foster home in Richmond. Well, they fell in love with her and adopted her!
Her friend, Maddie comes to visit often. Maddie was one of Darby's mom's foster dogs. She lives near by.

Occasionally, we accidentally get a dog who is not a full Peke. Maddie's mom had a DNA test run on her so we finally found out what she was - 50% Shitzu 25% Peke ande 25% Pomeranian. And she's 100% cute!! It's so much fun to do these DNA tests-- they aren't expensive (I think about $80) so if your dog is a mix, and you want to know what they are, try this out. And share the results with me. :-)

Darby saw that many Pekes have jobs. Shadow has a job visiting elderly people and giving them joy. My Scooterbug has a job working with the new fosters who come here-- letting them know they are safe here. So, Darby had to show us that SHE has a job! She is obviously busy working-- can you see the determination in her face. Can you see how hard she is working on a document she's copying? Can you see how exhausting the job is!

All in a Peke's Day's Work!!


lady jicky said...

Well if Darby has a job then I do think Kenzo needs a job too.
I had a talk with him and he told me he wants to work for the local council - digging holes!!!!! LOL

Linda said...

Well, send me pictures of Kenzo at work and we'll include those too!! :-)

Karin said...

Oh, I just melted when I saw Darby's face ~ what a cutie! That's really interesting about the DNA testing to determine which percentage of a breed a dog is. I had no idea this was available.


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda!
You know he is just a puppy - he has to go to school first! LOL