Thursday, June 18, 2009

Clarence and Roxy

Remember Clarence. He came into rescue in November, and his foster mom adopted him! He was a perfect fit, a sweet boy who no one wanted because his eyes were red. That was cleared up with drops, and he's beautiful!! We were so lucky to get him!
He loved being here but he loved his foster mom's house more!!
He has a best friend, named Roxy, who comes to play. They are great buddies.
I hope all our foster dogs get a home as great as his! Thanks, Kim!!


lady jicky said...

Me thinks Clarence and Roxy live on that comfy bed!
How lovely he has a mate that pops over to play.
Did he have 'dry eye" Linda?

Linda said...

Chance's eyes were so irritated in the shelter. I even gave them drops to put in them while he was there. He is doing great now! He has some eye antibiotics for awhile and they cleared up. :-)