Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Diane's Dogs

Look at this sweet face! Bugsy aka Buddy looks like the sweetest boy! He had his e-collar on for a few days and then got it off because he had no interest in licking his stitches. He did have an interest in losing his temper a bit!
I took him to his foster mom, Diane's house. He was a total pill for the first few minutes there. Diane can attest to that! HER dogs, however, were perfect. Maybe they can teach Buddy some manners. (At last report, Buddy was doing a LOT better! I guess the girls ARE teaching him better behavior.)
This is Panda. She is a beautiful Japanese Chin and so sweet. I just fell in love with her. Diane rescued her from a puppy mill (via a rescue group). She has just blossomed under Diane's care.
Look what a lady she is. She's so polite and wouldn't hurt a fly-- or a bad-tempered Peke!
Are you listening, Buddy??
She's watching Buddy-- "Buddy, listen to me, you need to behave."
Buddy, at that moment, clearly did not want to listen!
Prissy thought she'd give it a try. Prissy was rescued from a puppy mill through a rescue gorup in West Virginia. She is so sweet-- some rescued dogs are so grateful and love being in a good home. Prissy had been bred many times, but now she has a wonderful, loving home.
"Mom, I'm trying to talk to the new dog-- Buddy! He will catch on in a few days, I just know it!"
She's giving him an earful. But, he's just soaking up some attention and not listening to Prissy. He'll catch on though. With Panda and Prissy to teach him, and with Diane to love him, he'll be just fine! THANKS DIANE!! (She says I don't have to thank her, but I do-- she's doing a great job!)


Pekiegirl said...

Panda is adorable, but she's no Shihtzu. Looks like a peke to me--look at her head. She has no hair coming over her eyes and no beard and mustache. She looks like the old style peke.

Karin said...

Looks like Diane has her hands full, but the girls will prevail in teaching the new boy manners:)
Japanese Chins look like long-legged pekes, don't they?
One of my poms has a temper, but he's just fine as long as everything is going HIS way:) Otherwise he "cusses" us out, little stinker:)

lady jicky said...

Miss Prissy and Pretty Panda have got their work cut out for them it seems!
When the girls are finished , pop them over here please to give Kenzo some lessons ! LOL